Build Your Self-Esteem is an 8-week online course designed to help you build your confidence and recognise and assert your value so that you feel and act like the worthwhile person that you already are. When you build your self-esteem, you will not only stop taking ownership of other people’s feelings and behaviour, but you will also stop engaging in situations and with people that basically do less for you than what you can already do for yourself.

Whether you’ve always struggled to have a healthy relationship with you or have experienced a recent knock that’s left you feeling lost, this 8-week program not only teaches you about subjects that help you with your emotional and relationship literacy, but it also provides you with lots of inspiration and advice, as well as practical tips and tools to help you connect with your true self and navigate the journey that is life. It also provides a major BS (bullsh*t) Diet so that you reduce your excess emotional baggage, gain perspective, and begin the healing process for aspects of your past that have been holding you back.

Build Your Self-Esteem is comprised of eight modules that contain a mix of video, classes to read, audio, worksheets ‘Self Sheets’, and mini ebooks.


  • Module One | Understanding The ‘Concept’ of Self-Esteem
  • Module Two | Boundaries
  • Module Three | Values
  • Module Four | Beliefs
  • Module Five | Clearing – Blame & Fear
  • Module Six | Releasing – Forgiveness, Self-compassion & EmpathyBuild Your Self-Esteem quote by Annie
  • Module Seven | Emotional Backbone – Getting To Grips With Rejection, Conflict, & Criticism
  • Module Eight | Self-Care – Learning To Take Care of You


It’s all contained within a members-only site (Baggage Reclaim School)  plus there’s also a private and secret Facebook group which is about as close as I will ever get to having a forum. Baggage Reclaim School is a wonderful, collaborative, inspiring, and supportive atmosphere that many students have found invaluable. I’m very hands-on in the Facebook group plus there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst your peers too.

I also run Office Hours sessions during term time plus impromptu sessions during break periods (summer, Easter). This is a period of a few hours where I’m online and ready to answer questions via email. Previous Office Hours sessions are housed in The Answer Bank, a searchable database. Many students have found my feedback to be invaluable – see some of the feedback from students in the ‘Praise’ section below.




There’s a reason why self-esteem has the word self in it; it’s because it only comes from you and increasing your self-esteem significantly decreases your reliance and even desire to make external things and people the solution to your internal problems, plus it reduces your dependence on external validation. Build Your Self-Esteem takes you away from a mentality that defines you by virtue of your issues or background or even what you perceive to be your ‘good points’, plus you will also learn to recognise people and opportunities that add to your life and learn how to step away or opt out from those that don’t.

If your self-worth seems to have disappeared with your relationship history or through your efforts to gain validation from friends, family, coworkers etc, or you don’t feel like you’ve ever had it, it’s time to invest time and energy in you.


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After three years of running this course ‘live’ with set dates, I have decided to make this into a self-study program where you can sign up at any time.

Course fee: £295


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  • imageThe course includes:

    • Understand the vital ingredients of self-esteem and how they all work in tandem.
    • Assess your self-esteem and identify unhealthy patterns.
    • Do a critical skills assessment to identify specific areas that you can tackle as well as identifying strengths you may not know you have.
    • Bust your beliefs and transform them.
    • Learn strategies for dealing with hotspot areas such as disappointment, illusions, rejection, abandonment, criticism and conflict.
    • Identify your values and set your boundaries, including understanding where conflicts of interest have previously held you back.
    • Tools and strategies for learning to accept and embrace you.
    • Discounts on other courses and products and ebooks in the BR shop. 

  • “I’ve devoured a mountain of self-help/psychology/relationships/-stuff. Nothing I’ve read comes close to the benefit I got from Natalie’s blog/books/courses, and this goes way beyond relationships! The most useful and practical system of advice I’ve come across.” Teddy, Switzerland

    “These classes are deep. They force me to look at the stuff I’ve been glossing over. BR school has helped me to be proactive with my life; that I set the course for my life – it’s not up to a guy to do that. This class has been revoloutionary for my mind, my way of thinking. I have become a bit more gounded, and actually am getting on the long road of self acceptance. Priceless!!” Delores, USA

    “Going through the BSE course is like swallowing the red pill in the Matrix: it wrenches you out of your comfortable illusions and puts you into reality, which is not all rosy but this is your one chance to build a happy life. I think it is so powerful precisely because it so honest about how much work and time it takes to change your patterns. It shows that you have all it takes to have healthy self-esteem and to be happy, you just need to work real hard, ever day, without magic. Every class is a discovery, even though I’ve been through oceans of self-help literature and years of introspection before. But for every issue where I felt trapped and cornered, the course gave me a new angle and some really practical tips. It prompts you to act, rather than just read and theorise about things. And in these first steps I am taking, it gives so much practical support: the exercises, the manuals, the worksheets, the support group, and invaluable personal feedback from Natalie. It is a fantastic resource. I will never find a way to thank Natalie enough.” Katya, Ukraine

    “The knowledge I have gained about myself through the Build Your Self-Esteem Course, has opened my eyes to my part in dysfunctional relationships with compassion and forced me to shed my victim coat and be the driver of my life.” Annmarie, UK

    “After years of struggle trying to break negative cycles and heal the hurt from my past via many mystical routes, the Build Your Self-Esteem course has come along to rip me out of the fantasy realm with a healthy dose of reality and tough (but compassionate) love. Natalie gets inside your head and challenges your false beliefs so you can’t help but gain a different perspective. The homework exercises create lasting building blocks for a new life of self-knowledge and self-love. I am so thankful I found Natalie and Baggage Reclaim, and this class is the best gift I have ever given myself. I will never abandon me again!” Chirsty, USA

    “The Build Your Self-Esteem course was a godsend. It forced me to really look at myself and my past relationships from a different, healthier perspective, or in other words, it forced me to stop daydreaming and to take off my rose tinted glasses. I now finally see things as they were and as they are. It’s really challenging and painful at times, but it pays off in the long run. Natalie’s feedback was the most straightforward and realistic I’ve ever received from any therapist. It helped a lot.” BR Student based in Slovenia.

    “The Pattern Breaker and Self-Esteem course have been the equivalent of a massage for my thoughts and emotions. Uncovering knots I didn’t know were there and massaging through the pain to a place of release and calm. I am a work in progress but I now feel equipped with the tools I need to address life and relationships in a healthier way. I can’t express how grateful I am.” Nicky, UK

    “Baggage Reclaim has helped me to face my doubts about my past relationship head on; answered many of my questions about relationships and made me realise that my experiences as the Other Woman was not different from other women out there. It has helped me maintain my sanity; stopped me from questioning my worth as an individual and has encouraged me to pick up and move on without compromising my values and damaging my self-esteem any further. Natalie writes from a very realistic, thought-provoking perspective and gives a much needed refreshing approach to relationships. I will be ever grateful to her and BR for getting me out of the dump that I was in and for helping me to understand that there is so much more to life that than one person who is simply just not that special!” RM, Trinidad

    “The Build Your Self-Esteem course provided insight into patterns that kept sabotaging my belief in myself and my happiness. After trying to resolve my low self-esteem for years, this course helped me see clearly how my view of myself as unworthy and ‘less than’ was playing out in my relationship choices and in the level of behavior I was accepting in relationship.” Kim, USA

    “The self-esteem course for me was the missing piece of the puzzle and is helping me become a whole, healthier person. It’s like you, Natalie, reached into my brain, saw exactly what I was dealing with, helped me understand it and now I am on track to fix it. A whole new world is opening for me. I will be stronger because of you, the class and everyone in the Facebook group.” Amy, USA

  • Build Your Self-Esteem is aimed at people who have a genuine desire to break free from unhealthy habits of thinking and behaviour that result in loss of self or not ever having known who they truly are, as well as those who have that sense of the past being on repeat. BR students tend to be action-orientated or want to learn how to be. They’re at that point where they’re willing to reflect, willing to learn, and willing to get uncomfortable… but in a good way. It’s the discomfort that comes from change. BR students come from all walks of life and are at different stages in their personal development.

    You’ll know that Build Your Self-Esteem is up your street if:

    You’re a People Pleaser that spends their life trying to win people over. 

    A lot of what you do is about righting the wrongs of the past.

    You’re still in ‘child mode’ and are giving away your power by making people into ‘authorities’ or even your parents.

    You get lost in your relationships and struggle to recover when they’re over.

    You’re confused about boundaries, values, and what you want, and are afraid that knowing and living these will ‘scare off’ everyone.

    You don’t know what self-esteem is and keep trying to feel better with external sources, only to end up feeling worse.

    You give yourself a really hard time over where you think you went wrong in previous experiences.

    You engage in relationship insanity – carrying the same baggage, beliefs and behaviours, choosing variations of the same people, and expect different results.

    You really want things to change, but just don’t know how.

    If you’re feeling weary and struggling to get out of a cycle of either poor relationships or giving yourself a hard time, it’s time to rediscover yourself and tools that can help you to build up confidence, transform your beliefs, and give you back faith and the ability to trust again..or develop it. I want to help you get to know and appreciate you, because an already great person exists within that’s just waiting for you to discover this. If you’ve got lost along the way – it’s OK, because you can reclaim you.

    Is there anyone that Build Your Self-Esteem / Baggage Reclaim School isn’t suitable for?

    Like anything, Build Your Self-Esteem/BR School isn’t going to suit ‘everyone’ and it’s not supposed to. If you think I talk a load of guff here on Baggage Reclaim, it’s definitely not for you, or if you’re someone who is decidedly sceptical and resistant to changing your position or perspective, you’re not ready although may be one day.

  • There is a provision for scholarships for Build Your Self-Esteem. Due to the course now being self-study, while I will try to consider ad-hoc requests, there are set periods of the year where I put aside time to review requests and award places.

    Submissions for autumn 2015 are now open.

    A scholarship is a fully-funded place on my course. I have given scholarships on every course intake and I’ve now put a process in place that ensures that 1) I found out why a person wants a scholarship and 2) that scholarships go to students who need it most but who will also seize and make the most of it.

    To apply, you will need to make a video between 1-3 minutes long (use You Tube or Vimeo preferably and make sure you save it as private/unlisted or send a link to your video file if you save it in a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) All videos must include your name, where you’re from, and why you want to apply for the scholarship. After that, what you include is up to you. It doesn’t have to be fancy although of course if you’re a whiz at movies then knock yourself out but what it does need to do is convey why this scholarship is important to you and also convey that you would truly value it.

    Deadline: September 6th 2015. Wherever you’re based, just make sure that before the clock strikes midnight, your entry is in.

    Where to submit: Please send to team AT (replace the AT with @) with Scholarship in the subject line.

    Please note that financial assistance is available to students (full and part-time) and in certain circumstances where clear hardship is apparent. This may be something to consider if you don’t win a scholarship this time. Please send to team AT (replace the AT with @) with Financial Assistance in the subject line. Obviously if you are requesting a student discount, you will need to provide some form of proof and while I don’t want to know the ins and outs of your private life, if you’re requesting a partially subsidised place, you will need to give a little insight as to why.

  • Is it just 8-weeks access? Your course fee covers you for 12-months access (unless you’ve purchased lifetime access). This means that you have access to the material for this period. New material is added throughout the year plus there’s a lot of access to me, something that isn’t possible outside of the school.

    I live in ________ which is a totally different timezone. How will the timings work? Before the course starts, we will be collecting some information from you to help shape the course. We will use your location, timezone, and try as much as possible to accommodate people’s schedules to make it live. If you are unable to make something that’s ‘live’, fear not – all listen/watch ‘live’ sessions are recorded. That said, 95% of the course is all down to you so any group stuff is very much in the minority and also of your choosing. Due to timing though, most group work is written (using the comments box) and the private and secret Facebook group. When something is scheduled during the week, it will tend to be a Wednesday although this is subject to change depending on the needs of the class.

    Do you accept payments in all currencies? Yes, it should do it automatically at the checkout but do advise if you experience any difficulties.

    Do you need to have a Paypal account in order to pay? No, you can pay via card or via Paypal ID. Your card details are not disclosed to Baggage Reclaim during the order process nor are they stored.

    Do you do gift certificates? If you would like to give a course as a gift (very nice of you!), please make a note on the order and we will liaise with you to do a transfer. If in doubt, drop an email to team AT after making your purchase and let us know who the recipient is.

    I want to do more than one course – can you do a discount for me? Yes. You need to book the first course and once you are set up at Baggage Reclaim School, you have access to student rates for subsequent courses. Please note that you cannot access student rates until Day 4 of your first course.

    Do I need to use my full name? On the order yes, but when the course opens, you can use whatever username you like. You have full control over what displays.

    When will I receive login information?  Self-study courses mean that you’re normally set up within 24-48 hours (we don’t set up at the weekend so if your request comes in on a Friday afternoon/evening, or over the weekend), you will be set up on the following Monday). If it’s a ‘live course’ (read: one with a start date and students starting in a group), it’s 3-5 days before the course starts.

    Does this require a lot of time? You can put in as much or as little as you like. It’s a course, but it’s not as if you’re getting a degree. You don’t have to do group stuff for instance, but for your own benefit, I would try to make use of as much of the course as possible, although you can do it at your own pace. I can only give you feedback or respond to queries that you send in / post.

    I’m broke but I really want to do the course. See the scholarship tab. I recognise that not everyone can afford the course but that everyone needs self-esteem. Obviously I cannot give scholarships to everyone but I do give several scholarships on every course. Of course scholarships are valuable so I want to put a process in place that ensures that scholarships go to those who most need it/will make the most of it. If you are a student or are struggling financially, a student discount and partial scholarships will also be available. There are also installment options available at the checkout if it’s coming down to not being able to pay in full but actually being able to afford it. Any queries, please email team AT

    What do I need in order to do the course? As long as you have internet and access to email, wherever you are in the world, you can take part. Oh and bring a strong desire to do things differently. And a notebook or trusty Post-It notes, for scribbles and ‘Punchbulb Moments’ – lightbulb moments that punch you in the head. Post-Its are also great for working out patterns.

  • How does online learning work?

    Baggage Reclaim School is a private site (separate to, which has a mix of learning content – written, audio, video, worksheets ‘Self Sheets’, workbooks, ebooks etc. For the flagship courses (Build Your Self-Esteem, Reclaiming You, The No Contact Rule and The Pattern Breaker), these involve an element of feedback from your instructor, Natalie. All you need to access the course material is a decent internet connection and an up-to-date browser like Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

    Is there a set time when I need to sign in?

    Nope. This is self-paced so show up whenever you like and read as much or as little as you like. This isn’t a live course because students are from all over the globe and of course have their own lives and schedules. Content is dripped out week by week so as not to overwhelm and unless otherwise specified, Monday is the day when new content is added. Access when it’s convenient to you. The only time there is ever a set time is if you want to attend a ‘live class’ and these account for less than 5% of the course and are an ‘extra’ that you’re not obliged to attend. They’re also recorded, so again, access at a time that is convenient to you. Each week, you will receive an email with an overview of the material that’s just been added.

    How do I access my course material?

    Normally within 3-5 days of your course date, you will receive your login information along with the link for accessing your course page. On the day your course is due to start, you will receive another email notifying you that your course is live. You can log in at once you have been set up and it will automatically show your course page. If you are on more than one course, you can access additional courses from the right hand sidebar (which shows on individual class pages) or from The Hub on the top navigation bar, or from the tabs right underneath your course modules.

    How do I interact with Natalie and fellow students?

    The comments are open on most posts plus there’s a private and secret Facebook group (no one outside of the group can see what you post or even that you’re a member) . There are also live classes plus there is the opportunity to get feedback from Natalie on homework and feedback on backstorys (if applicable) on courses. During ‘term time’, I hold Office Hours sessions (online for a period of time ready to answer burning questions) plus sometimes I hold live classes (teaching live online).

    Will I be ‘graded’?

    Erm, no. This is a learning environment but there’s no exams. This is about the journey not the destination.

    Can you tell me more about what I can expect to find when I log in?

    You should arrive at your course page. During your course you can watch videos, read course materials, view slide shows, listen to audio, download workbooks, worksheets and ebooks. You will be pointed to housekeeping tasks, you can check out any available bonus material, and if your course has started, you will be able to access that week’s module.

    How do I get technical help?

    There are guidelines for reporting technical issues over at Baggage Reclaim School – if you use these, issues are normally resolved in seconds and minutes. Information on how to do this is on the BR School site.

    Will there be more courses?


    How often are courses offered?

    The flagship courses will run 3-5 times a year.

    Do I need special software to do this course?

    No. What you do need is an up to date internet browser like Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox and a decent internet connection, especially if you’re watching videos or dialling in to a live class. Courses are compatible with PCs and Macs and can also be ready on most mobile devices. Most material is downloadable so you will need a PDF reader (one comes with your computer) like Preview or Adobe Acrobat and if you want to be able to type into files then you will need Pages/Word.

    How long do I have access for?

    You have 12 months access unless you are a lifetime access member.


Note if you are already on a course, please log in to the school and visit The Hub as you are entitled to a student discount.

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