The No Contact Rule eCourse (6 weeks)

The No Contact Rule eCourse

Sometimes history, your situation and the other person’s actions dictate that even though it’s going to hurt and be very uncomfortable, you need to cut contact so that you can give yourself a chance to grieve the loss of the relationship, insert boundaries, and break what may be a cycle of very unhealthy behaviour and repeated disappointments.

No Contact (NC) is essentially closing your door on the relationship by cutting contact and distancing yourself, so that you have a chance to gain objectivity, break an unhealthy partnering, and gradually rebuild your life. By closing the door, you signal that the privileges that they’ve enjoyed in or out of the relationship no longer exist, and by enforcing boundaries, you also impose limits on your own behaviour, which may have detracted from you.

Who is the course for?

You’ve made repeated efforts at NC but keep falling off the wagon. In fact, secretly you hope that by going NC, you’ll galvanise them into wanting you.

You keep falling for the “I’ve changed” or frenzied attempts to contact you when you finish it, only to be back to square one and reeling from the disappointment.

You’re in an unhealthy relationship that has code amber and red behaviour.

You may even be engaging in behaviour that you already view as embarrassing or even humiliating and don’t know where to start in order to move forward.

Your life and personal wellbeing are greatly compromised by pursuing a person and a relationship that isn’t mutual.

You feel like you’ve made too great an investment to walk away and keep returning to the relationship but it’s not getting better.

Somebody has to do the right thing and act in your best interests, even in the face of short or even medium term discomfort and that person is you.The harder you cling, the more you keep returning, the greater acts of love and even desperation that you engage in, the further and harder you have to fall.

I now run 6 (and 12) week eCourses to help you cut and stick to No Contact. You still have to do the actual work of cutting the contact – the course is there to lay the foundation for seeing it through by helping you to get behind your decision, get your head and actions in sync, and make you accountable for what experiences you choose to create and participate in next.

Wondering what an ecourse is? Course work will be delivered via email each week, plus there are password protected blog posts (this means that they’re only visible to students), as well as some video, audio, and worksheet/workbook content.

Think buddy system, breakup recovery and personal development.

  • Understand why you need to do NC by evaluating why the relationship didn’t work and the specific contributing factors that require NC.
  • Work out which critical skills for No Contact are needed and which ones you need to address with practical solutions for tackling them.
  • Set some boundaries for yourself as well as for others, including recognising and sticking to your deal breakers.
  • Understand the fears and false beliefs that may cause you to break NC and tackle them.
  • Develop and put a tailor-made plan (approved by me) in place and manage your accountability.
  • Put a plan in place for improving your self-esteem and moving forward.
  • Learn strategies for dealing with someone who is your neighbour, colleague, in your social circle, or you have a child together.
  • Learn how you can deal with feelings of rejection and process your anger so you can regain your confidence and perspective.
  • Inspiration, tips, tools, and advice.
  • Homework (the bulk isn’t mandatory but it will help) and there are opportunities for feedback.
  • Optional group work opportunities.
  • Discounted extra one-to-one consultations available.

Course fee includes written feedback based on the backstory that you provide as part of your enrollment. Want to know more about how e-learning works? Check out the courses FAQ.

There are a limited number of places on each course. SOLD OUT

Next available course: January 7th 2013. Registration now open! If you however really feel that you cannot wait until then, you can join the current class as it’s self-paced. Early bird place £75, standard £100. Scroll down for paying by installments information. Terms & Conditions – please read before booking!

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I live in ________ which is a totally different timezone. How will the timings work? Before the course starts, we will be collecting some information from you to help shape the course and organise things like group work or, for example, online seminars. We will use your location, timezone, and try as much as possible to accommodate people’s schedules to make it live. If you are unable to make something that’s ‘live’, there will be recordings and transcripts available anyway. That said, 85-90% of the course is all down to you so any group stuff is very much in the minority. When something is scheduled during the week, it will be a Wednesday.

Do you accept payments in all currencies? Yes, it should do it automatically at the checkout but do advise if you experience any difficulties.

Do you need to have a Paypal account in order to pay? No, you can pay via card through Paypal – your card details are not seen by us.

Do you do gift certificates? If you would like to give a course as a gift (very nice of you!), please make a note on the order and we will liase with you to do a transfer.

Do I need to use my full name? On the order yes, but when the course opens, you can use whatever username you like.

When will I receive login information? 24-48 hours prior to the course starting, you’ll receive your login info as well as other welcome info although within 24 hours (unless it’s the weekend), you will also get a detailed pre-course form which will be used to help prepare for your future one-to-one with me and help course planning.

Does this require a lot of time? You can put in as much or as little as you like. It’s a course, but it’s not like you’re getting a degree. You don’t have to do group stuff for instance, but for your own benefit, I would try to make use of as much of the course as possible, although you can do it at your own pace. I can only give you feedback or respond to homework that you send in.

I’m broke but I really want to do the course. There will be a couple of scholarship places available and there’s also an installments option – this is £25 for the first installment which is taken at the checkout and then £16.67 and £16.66 over the remaining 3 weekly installments.

What do I need in order to do the course? As long as you have internet and access to email, wherever you are in the world, you can take part. Oh and bring a strong desire to do things differently.

Want to know more about how e-learning works? Check out the courses FAQ.

Terms & Conditions of Course Registration


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