As if the world of online dating needed to be any more screwed up than it is, along comes No longer do you have to hang around in all the right places with your chest on show, hair flicking, plumped lips, and artful seduction techniques at the ready. Just log on to if you’re a beautiful woman that wants a sugar daddy and prepare to compete for these men.

“ is designed specifically to help rich, successful and beautiful singles find real love. For those who do not want to be playgirls, this new dating website will help them find and marry a millionaire, or in Anna Nicole Smith’s case, a billionaire.” says Brandon Wade, webmaster.

Apparently there are 10 women to every man which means that these millionaires must be practically beating the ladies off with a stick. This type of superficial, shallow, materialistic bullsh*t really irritates me, not least because it caters to the idiotic notion that all a man needs is a lot of money in the bank, which if you’re a millionaire or billionaire will take certain amount of intelligence. Yet all a woman needs is her looks. Mind you, if what happens in online dating is anything to go by, I sense that someone is bound to get conned. Dating sites are chock full of people that struggle with telling the truth and have no shame about ‘enhancing’ their profile; never mind all of the people that get swindled out of parting with their hard earned cash! I think members of may get more than they bargained for…

And surely if people meet via this site, the woman then knows that the man is only interested in her looks and the man knows that she’s just after his money. What the hell is attractive about that?!

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7 Responses to Sugar Daddy Dating

  1. Brad K. says:

    Oh, please, our parent’s generation spend their parenthood teaching their kids to look for the ‘best’ (richest) catch. Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue teach girls they to have to look like a Playboy centerfold girl to ‘be eligible’. Sad, really, that no one cares about character, skill, and stability.

    Hopefully the men and women there will be so wrapped up in dollars and plastic surgery they forget to reproduce.

  2. Roxy says:

    I had a profile on a similar site. I wanted to try the sugar-daddy thing.

    Most of the men were married, but I finally met one who wasn’t. He was a millionaire, very sweet and romantic, but overly clingy. He actually wanted me to quit school and move in to be in a relationship with him.

    I felt sorry for the guy. He didn’t understand that women only cared about his money and not him. I hope he realizes that advertising his money isn’t the way to find love.

  3. anna says:

    I’ve found that dating very wealthy men can be a double-edged sword. Sometmes (not always), these guys think their money buys them control. Nohing much romantic about that. I don’t want to be the sugar-mama either, but I think some sort of balance is needed!

  4. RandomlySane says:

    Reminds me of a Dr. Phil show on the same thing – they each got exactly what they wanted. Him – a young girl who made him feel masculine and adored, and her – someone to shower her with gifts and affection. (And no, I’m not some crazed fan, but my grandma does faithfully! I was just spending some time with her…lol)

  5. Jamie says:

    Lets get real – women want money – they are practical creatures and money does determine the quality of ones life. And men – simple creatures – they want hot babes – looks are everything to a man – they are so deep! So its a fair trade all the way around – its the impoverished schmucks who get the ugly dames.

  6. tidy says:

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  7. Sugar Daddy says:

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Stop believing that you did something to make them unavailable or that their inadequacies are down to your inadequacies - it is not about you; they are unavailable!

My Book - Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl

Stop believing that you did something to make them unavailable or that their inadequacies are down to your inadequacies - it is not about you; they are unavailable!