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It can feel very bewildering and even pressured when we are wounded by something that has happened but somebody is questioning why we haven’t moved on from it yet or they’re struggling to fathom our response to whatever happened. It might be that they’re comparing what they think would be their own reaction with […]

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Penny intended to feel on top of the world but ended up getting in her own way. She aced it when she’d showcased her work to respected people within her industry but enjoyed that feeling for all of a hot minute because she ended up ‘celebrating’ with Mr Miserable, her sometimes charming Mr Unavailable who […]

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There are times in life when I’ve given myself a hard time for how I reacted to something in the moment. Note that I, like many others, have given me a far harder time for having feelings and opinions than I ever have for underreacting to boundary busting behaviour!

Now of course, if I […]

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2013 is drawing to a close and this means lots of reflecting on what the year has and hasn’t been, as well as looking ahead, planning, anticipating, and possibly worrying.

This is definitely a time of year when it’s all too easy to languish in the past playing scenes over and over […]

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Don’t forget that I’m on a ‘break’ until September so I will mostly be featuring some of yours and my favourite posts from the archives.


Every day I hear from readers who just can’t figure out what they feel, why […]

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