YOUR relationships WILL never be the same again

Registration for The Breakthrough, my 7-week program that helps people who want to be in a loving relationship but who have a pattern of being with emotionally unavailable partners, break the cycle, is now closed. The next intake will be for the February 2017 Class. 

During The Breakthrough...

  • Get clear on what you really want and any conflicts that are disrupting you. 
  • Discover the spiritual guidance of relationships and what your pattern is trying to show you. 
  • Uncover the secret agenda that is driving your pattern.
  • Go through my 7-step process of unlocking the pain and untruths behind your present-day dating and relationship habits. 
  • Calm the uneasiness about the past and anxiety about the future, harness the guidance of your emotions, and become more confident and mindful about assessing compatibility. 
  • Build your confidence with dating and relationships with clear guidance on what dating is really about and when and how to progress to a relationship. 
  • Be armed with practices, tools and mindset shifts for raising your self-worth and self-image. 

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