1. You keep engaging in the role of being The Other Woman.

2. You only become involved with emotionally unavailable men.

3. You go out with Bad Boys or Bastards in the name of excitement.

4. You keep dating the same ‘type’ that makes you feel miserable.

5. You happily shelve friends and family, especially when the object of your affections is clearly unsuitable.

6. You meet decent, nice men who want to treat you nice and spend time with you and you call them ‘Assholes’ or claim that it must be an act.

7. You want to be in a steady, committed relationship but keep sleeping around or being used sexually by men which further erodes into your self esteem hence stopping you from getting the relationship you want.
8. You do things that involve you willfully self destructing your life.

9. You get the opportunity to break up with the guy that is mistreating you, but you eventually take him back because you don’t value yourself enough and think it’s better to be with him.

10. You actually believe that it’s better to be with somebody, anybody than be alone.

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