My thoughts on first date sex are: Unless you want to have just the one date, I would avoid getting the knickers down on the first date. My only exception and even then I would be cautionary is if you knew the person very well. And I know how people love to look for loopholes, so having oral sex or a spot of heavy petting is exactly the same thing! It’s not about it being wrong as it’s different strokes (literally) for different folks, but in most cases, getting naked will set the tone and potentially kill off a possible relationship.
AOL has launched a new video series called ‘The Pulse’ and for the first one it has posed the question of whether first date sex is wrong and naturally the responses are varied, but even more interesting are the comments. Last I heard it takes two to tango and I laughed out loud at this comment, “I think a person should be able to do what they want. However, society do not agree. Women who have sex on the first date are viewed as EASY.”— REDHEADANDSHORT

What about MEN who have sex on the first date?! Are they not easy too or are they just supposed to be patted on the back and lauded for being a stud?

The cold reality is that most guys, even if they are going to think you’re a slut after you sleep with them on the first date, won’t do the decent thing and not sleep with you. I asked a guy why he slept with the girl if he knew he’d lose interest because she put out so easily. “Well I wasn’t going to turn down sex….” But he doesn’t mind making her feel worthless afterwards by knocking her for doing something that he was just as willing to do….

Your thoughts?

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