Why do women complain about average men when they act up and are not what they thought they would be?

Many women have complained about this, even my mother. She dated a guy who she says she would not normally have gone for in the looks department. For some sort of misguided reason she thought that he would be a much nicer guy because he was average looking. Big mistake. Looks are not the be all and everything in a mans behaviour. The difference is in how much a woman will put up with. When the average man starts to p*ss her off, a woman will suddenly jump on all the average things about him and ditch him. There won’t be as much leeway given to him as an ‘above-average’ guy.

Some of my closest friends have been embroiled in long running sagas with good looking men. The moral of the story: Don’t be superficial. Men are men no matter what they look like, which means they’re still annoying. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that a guy will be ‘grateful’ because he’s got you. He won’t be. Once he’s got you, the ego inflates! He’s no longer ‘average’!

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