Suitable if you want to work with me on an ongoing basis to transform an area of your life, this is where we work together to break patterns that are holding you back from being in the relationship that you want or that are blocking you from living your life happily and authentically. 

If you imagine that you had someone come in and declutter your home, clear your closets, and help you uncover and reclaim the things that you love and to make changes that empower you to become more of who you are, this is the work that I do but instead we're clearing out your emotional closet and delcuttering and reorganising by sorting through the stories, judgments, habits, and rules that do a very good job of getting you into a tangle. 


One-Month Kickstart

Working with me for a month is a great for getting things moving in a particular area. Kickstarts are suitable for addressing a particular issue so that you gain clarity, put a plan in place, and free you up to move forward, plus they're ideal for getting a feel for coaching and what you need and want, without obligation to continue for several months.

Two 45 minute calls plus weekly emails (4) for any questions that might come up and for feedback on any 'homework' you get. If you want to continue coaching, you can sign up for one of the coaching programs at a discounted rate.

£595 (+VAT for EU)

Break The Cycle (3 or 6 months)

Using my Break The Cycle framework, we work through a series of steps to unlock and break your pattern and heal emotional baggage that are blocking the relationships and opportunities you need and desire. Gain deep insight into your history, understand your needs, build your confidence, and learn how to put this all into practice.

Four weekly one-hour call sessions followed by 2-5 monthly calls, plus emails in between for any questions that might come up.  Includes access to Break The Cycle online course.


£1995 - £2995

Becoming You (3 or 6 months)

Using my Build Your Self-Esteem framework, we strengthen your sense of self, your self-worth and your overall resilience. Features lots of practical work around healing, self-care, facing and overcoming challenges like stress, conflict, criticism, rejection and disappointment, but most importantly, rediscovering the great you that already exists.

Four weekly one-hour call sessions followed by 2-5 monthly calls, plus emails in between for any questions that might come up.  Includes access to Break The Cycle online course.


Please note that I don't offer therapy or any other form of professional or legal advice.


Want more insight into how coaching works? Email me at (replace AT with @) and I'll send you a detailed guide.

"Every time I have walked into a coaching session with Natalie, in minutes I have felt relief and empowered. She is quick to pinpoint what the real issues are, and the steps I can take to improve my situation. Coaching with her works, and I always walk out feeling I can crack my problems. She's the best investment for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and whatever situation you're in, she displays kindness." Fiona


How long is the wait?

If coaching is available to book, it means that I have space for you to start, typically within the next 7 days.

What days are coaching sessions on?

Typically, it's Monday or Wednesday. I'm based in England and after booking, we will arrange a time that is mutually agreeable.

Do I call you or do you call me?

I call you. You provide your telephone number or Skype ID.

Can I get an outline of what we'll be doing?

Yes, email my assistant Hannah on and she will send you the coaching program outline.

Am I better off booking clarity sessions or a one-month kickstart package?

It depends on what you need. You save around £100 if you would have either done a call plus emails or several emails, over a similar period. If you want to gain clarity about an issue but don't want to get focused and coached through that, individual clarity sessions are the better option.  

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. This is typically 2-3 payments depending on how long your program is. It is a payment plan which means that you do need to remain up to date with the payments. Longer payment plans can be made available on application if you are an existing student/member.

Do I pay VAT?

Yes, if you’re in the E.U. and you’re booking the one-month kickstart as it’s not part of an online program (e.g. Break The Cycle). VAT is charged at the applicable rate for your country. For all other Break The Cycle / Becoming You programs, VAT is not applicable.

Do you do face-to-face sessions as part of coaching?

If you’re based close to Caterham, Surrey, sessions can be held at my studio at no extra charge (based on the session being for the time period booked for coaching via phone). Otherwise, if you are looking to have an intensive coaching session (typically 3 to 6 hours), this will need to be booked in addition to your existing coaching package. Intensive sessions are held in London and include the cost of the room and light refreshments. I can do outside of London including overseas but travel and accommodation fees may apply if I’m not already in that location.

How do I book group coaching?

The next Break The Cycle group coaching session starts on Tuesday September 5th and you can register your interest by dropping me an email natalie AT and you will be sent further info.

I can't afford individual coaching - what are my options?

Group coaching might be the cost effective alternative or look at DIY options via my courses.

I've heard that you do intensive coaching sessions - what are these?

I run one day or half-day deep dive sessions where we typically go through the Break The Cycle framework or parts of it (depending on the amount of time booked). I also run custom sessions based on client needs. I typically run these in London (although they can be done elsewhere). For an intensive, I can also work with you for a few days. For example, I spent 3 days in San Francisco with a client.

To find out more about coaching with me, drop me an email at natalie AT