This morning I got this email from an ex I refer to as The F*ckwit.

“Hi you I hope that you’re cool, and that your memory paints me in a better light.”

Other than the fact that this email reminds me of what an egotistical twat he is, it’s just plain funny. We dated for about 3 weeks and I broke up with him because of his arrogant, over opinionated, rude behaviour when he lectured me about how I handle my disease sarcoidosis with acupuncture. He’d been a doctor for all of a wet week! He clearly thinks that I have given him a lot of thought since we broke up…in between meeting someone else and falling in love…

I have received a few text messages since we ‘broke up’ almost 4 months ago, although I ignored them as it seemed silly to engage in contact when I met and fell in love with my boyfriend two days after I broke up with this guy! Which leads me to ask, Why can’t this guy let go and move on?

I did a quick straw poll of several women and every single one of them receives some sort of communication periodically from an ex. Some of these guys phone up hinting for a rematch in the bedroom, others want to get nostalgic and make out that the relationship they shared with you was amazing, others just seem to want to have the last word because the relationship didn’t end on their terms.

These communications show an inherent amount of ego in these people. Do they actually think that these women have nothing better to do with their time but twiddle their fannies waiting for contact? Do they think so highly of themselves that they think they can breeze in and out of our lives when it suits? Do they think that women sit at home singing ‘All By Myself’ whilst sobbing into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s wishing that their ex’s would come back?

When it’s broke, it’s broke and someone who really wants to get back together doesn’t try to organise a booty call or go the soft route with silly texts and emails. It’s such an insult to a woman when it seems that the only thing a guy deems a good enough reason to contact her is for a shag, and it can be just as annoying when guys engage in this silly game playing and feel the need to pop back into our lives so that they can massage their egos. Move on and let go! Ladies, don’t reply. They’ll get the message eventually!

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