Finding Love: The Compatibility Factor (Dublin)


Dublin, October 13th

People and relationships unfold. Loving relationships are built on getting on the right footing in the early stages of the relationship.

It can be incredibly difficult to not only choose a partner but to know if they and the relationship are right for us. We invest our time, energy, effort and emotions into people we feel as if we have so much in common or that we feel a strong connection or chemistry with — and sometimes, maybe often, it goes wrong. Once we feel as though we’ve been around the hurt and disappointment block one too many times, finding love begins to feel precarious and costly. In theory, a lot’s changed since the times when our own parents found love. Thanks to online dating, we seemingly have way more options and information at our disposal plus we’re not under the same pressures or constraints that they might have been. And yet, many of us find the quest for love painful and difficult. It turns out, some of the practicalities of finding love have changed, but the blind spots, fears and dating habits that we’re socialised with haven’t.

In Finding Love: The Compatibility Factor, you will:


  • Get a foolproof framework for discerning who's right from who's wrong so that you can date and choose with more confidence.

  • Discover how the two critical factors that get ignored--emotional needs and compatibility--work together so that you stop being side-tracked and shortchanged and can focus on creating a relationship with the right partner.

  • Look at the common potholes that lead to crashing and burning within days/weeks/months or that set the stage for commitment and intimacy-blocking issues in a relationship.

  • Get tips on how to date without losing your mind, especially when it comes to dating websites/apps. Learn how to stay grounded even when your mind wants guarantees about the future.

  • Have the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session

This class will equip you with the tools, mindset shifts and practices to help you become more confident, authentic and effective in your love choices.


When: Saturday, October 13th 2018

2.15  - 5.15 pm

Where: 66 Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland.

Light refreshments included.

£65 (approx. €75)

This is a small, intimate venue so spaces are limited in this class.

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