OK, you are probably wondering why I would suggest you get a life. You probably think that you already have one. If your life consists of sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring…you don’t have a life. If your life consists of staying home involuntarily on a weekend night because you have nothing else to do, then you don’t have a life. If your life is fully entwined with your significant other, and if everything you do is done with your boyfriend, you don’t have a life.

A BAaaaad Girl has a life. She has a life full of interesting and fun things to do. Your life is now, these are the best years of your life. Sorry to drop a time bomb on you, but it’s true. It’s all downhill from here. Everything you have ever wanted to do, travelling, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rugby, run a marathon, paint, photography etc. THE TIME IS NOW! You will never, ever have a period in your life again when you are at the peak of your energy, the peak of your health, when it’s all about what you want to do when you want to do it.

So get out there and do it. Please ladies, don’t spend your weekends home alone waiting for something to do. You have to go out and seize the day.

I have a dear friend that plans her events ahead of time. Her weekly schedule is full of interesting and fun things to do, scrapbooking, photography, scuba diving, charity events, art gallery openings, zoo visits…you name it, she’s done it or it’s on her list.

A social life does not just fall into your lap. You have to create it. First of all, you’ve got to have a way to keep track of everything. Granted, your brain is a good enough organ, but it wouldn’t do to forget that you were hosting the Book Club meeting until the readers showed up on your doorstep right? Suggestions…if you don’t have a palm pilot (useful gagdets!), you can store your event calender on most cell phones. Also the internet is a great place to put stuff in. Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other websites have online calenders. My personal favorite…is a thin appointment book/calendar that I keep in my purse. My sister writes her events on her home calendar, that way she can check it every morning to keep abreast. Just find whatever works best for you and stick to it religiously.

Finding Events:

1. Check your city’s newspaper either online or the actual paper. They list events that are coming up weekly and you can find stuff around that. Some sites have the capability of sorting by event, for example, if you want to go to a poetry reading you can select and search all the poetry readings in your area. Remember, if you don’t like whatever it is, you can always bail.

2. Use online sites like www.citysearch.com, www.evite.com, www.timeout.com. Citysearch and Timeout show you events and places in your city. Most of the places have reviews, plus if you go there, you can also write a review for future searchers.

3. Networking: Join a posse and network. When invited somewhere, let the host know that you are bringing your friends. Most people are very cool with that. My sister has a friend that knew almost every hot party in town one summer. My sis and I had just moved and had no clue, but we were having fun every weekend like Baltimore was our city of birth. Just remember to extend the invitation back to your friends when you get invited to something.

4. Plan your own: Hey sometimes, there is just nothing going on. So throw your own event, a dinner party, a theme party, midnight bowling, game night, whatever works. There are several sites online that can help you with planning ideas if you have hosting issues.

5. Work: Bet you didn’t think I would say this. Most companies are corporate sponsors to alot of events. They get free tickets to whatever they sponsored and the tickets go to the first people online at the Events Office (check through HR). Most of the events end up being upscale and swanky, however some could just be charity walks and such. Contact the proper office and get to steppin’!

Even if it doesn’t look like your scene, try it out for a little bit. You never know how much fun you can have until you try it. I once got invited to this art exhibit at the city museum by one of my dear friends who got her tickets through work (see, it works!). I’m not an artsy person, but I put on my little black dress and arrived to have fun. We ended up having a blast, walking around the room laughing and having a great time. Sometimes, it ends up not being about what you do as important as who you are with and your attitude!

Human beings are social creatures and without social interaction even the most introverted person will just shrivel up inside.

To be a Dream Girl, you must have a life!

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