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Just yesterday my good friend decided that the drama that was her relationship had to end. Drama dude not only lived with her without paying rent, he also stole money from her 7-year-old son. He wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face and has been cheating via phone sex with a girl he met online in another state. She called me in the morning to tell me it was time. I went to help pack his crap and to provide moral support

Now, I have to give the girl credit. She had her stuff lined out. She had a friend coming over with new locks and another friend’s hubby coming to install them. But here was the drama kids. Drama dude was asleep upstairs while we were packing him up and changing locks! Can you say awkward and weird?

Of course, in the midst of the whole thing he wakes up and drama times a million naturally ensued. They are in the basement. He’s screaming at her. Friend’s hubby and I are hanging out. My goal in life is to avoid drama and here I was smack in the middle of it. Yikes! Really?

Finally, friend’s hubby has enough and heads to the basement to run interference. When she finally comes upstairs, he tells her this, “Whatever you do, do NOT engage. You can tell him to leave and to leave now, but limit the conversation to that.”

I’ve been thinking about that piece of advice ever since and I do believe friend’s hubby is one of the smartest men on the frickin’ planet.

Whether it be a drama dude you’re involved with or trying to kick to the curb or those nasty drama demons, whatever you do, do NOT engage!

Come on, you know you do it! There you are waiting on his phone call, wondering why he’s running hot and cold or, worse yet, what you did to push him away this time and suddenly the drama demon is knocking at the door. Your head is spinning. You are trying to figure out your next move. Do I call? Do I text? Maybe he didn’t get my message. I should probably email him one more time.

STOP! Stop now! Whatever you do, do NOT engage! Take a deep breath. Realize what you’re doing. Refocus your energy. Head to Baggage Reclaim and read, read, read. Call a friend. Join a 12 step program for drama addicts. Something. Anything. Just do NOT engage the demon.

Because kids if you continue to engage the demon, the drama that is your life will never end. In your sane, lucid moments plan an intervention, a strategy. Know the signs, learn to recognize the demon’s knock on your door and be ready. You are not going to end the drama any other way. Remember, as NML told us, it’s relationship crack and you, my friend, are addicted.

Your thoughts?

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