Membership Guidelines and Rules

Baggage Reclaim SchoolThese guidelines and rules govern both the private membership site Baggage Reclaim School dot com where the ecourses are hosted, as well the secret and closed Facebook groups for students.

The same fairness and content guidelines for the main Baggage Reclaim site ( and .com)  apply to your membership. Aside from these, I like to keep the guidelines and rules simple.

By registering and enrolling for an ecourse at Baggage Reclaim School or purchasing a library membership, you agree:

  • To self-manage (or learn how to) so that you can be responsible for your membership and ensure that you get as much out of it as possible. This means that you need to ensure your own privacy and respect the privacy of others and ensure that you do the basic housekeeping at the outset of your course.
  • To show up with a willingness to listen, to be empathetic, and to reflect. All courses are a voyage of self-discovery and at times you will uncover realisations that take a little time to digest, plus in sharing ideas and feedback, you may at times encounter people who have a different perspective to you and it’s important that you pause before responding and that you percolate, because responding defensively doesn’t read well on a screen. Show courtesy to other students/members.  Negative energy in the form of sniping, or that uncomfortable online conflict that many of us are familiar with in some other online environments, as well as cliquishness, will not be tolerated.
  • To not disclose the membership and participation of members/students, and information shared and disclosed is strictly confidential. This is a safe space for all members.
  • To be considerate of other members in the Facebook group and ensure that you’re not ‘drowning’ the feed with a stream of posts which may affect the visibility of posts from members looking for support and advice.
  • To not violate copyright – mine or anyone else’s. Sharing of content from your course is strictly prohibited. Course materials are made available to you only. Please do not place them on the internet or email. Please don’t resell. Basically don’t be shady. Equally, if you share content from others, please ensure that you are respecting their rights.