A few months back, I wrote about 10 Guys That Make Dating Mistakes which was a rather tongue-in-cheek look at the guys who are a human barrier to their own dating success. I’ve decided to take a more in-depth look at these characters one at a time, with the first being Mr Too Nice to Date Twice.

Who is Mr Too Nice to Date Twice?

  • Think that they’re ‘new’ men that aren’t interested in getting their leg over like ‘all the other guys’ even though that’s secretly exactly what they want! They suppress their desires because they think it makes them better and ‘nicer’.
  • If their girlfriend isn’t happy, they’re not happy. They derive their happiness from the woman they’re with.
  • Has lots of female friends, often acquired after going on a date with them and being relegated to the friend category.
  • Often has more female than male friends.
  • Has a skewed notion that if they assert their needs and desires that it makes them selfish so they struggle to put their needs first.
  • Not keen on being assertive.
  • Tend to ask before they kiss a woman.
  • Don’t like to say no to girlfriends.
  • Thinks they’re more sensitive than their male counterparts.
  • Gets roped into ‘helping’ out people so they end up inadvertently becoming a handyman/chauffeur/lackey/general dogs-body
  • Often called ‘sweet’;’cute’ any other words that scream ‘Nice’ but not for the woman in question.

‘Nice’ is an overused word that is getting both men and women the world over in trouble. We’ve got people being nicer than they feel and people thinking that ‘nice’ is a four letter word for roll over and get treated like sh*t. When it comes to men, there is many a man that believes that he is too nice and that’s why women don’t date him (or progress things) and there are a hell of a lot of women out there, that dry up and get turned off when they spend time around a man that they deem ‘too nice’.

It’s all one big merry-go-round – Lots of women like bad boys that treat them mean and keep them keen and lots of nice guys like the women that like bad boys, which essentially means we’re all chasing the wrong people. Won’t don’t Nice Guys go out with Nice Girls?

More importantly, why don’t these guys get a second date? Boys, don’t mistake ‘nice’ for pushover, drip, non-communicative, unassertive, drooling, being a yes-man and generally anything that can be construed as a lacking of balls. Being nice isn’t about letting her walk all over you or agreeing with everything she says because she’ll find it extremely boring. Mr Too Nice to Date Twice makes the mistake of thinking that if he’s that way that he should win the prize, but often women like to see the potential of being with a man who can take control (but not too much) and who can assert himself. Rightly or wrongly, this is the reality and until she either wants a guy who is super duper nice to the extreme, Mr Too Nice to Date Twice will always luck out.

‘Nice’ is also an adjective that many a man is hiding behind to explain away their lack of success with the ladies and the reality is that 1) People who really are nice just ‘are nice and don’t go on about it and 2) Are these guys entertaining the possibility that if they took a closer look at their behaviour and attitude they may find the real reason for the barrier to their success is a different personality trait altogether?

The key to overcoming the hurdle of being Mr Too Nice to Date Twice is to be more proactive about your dating success. Stop relying on what you perceive as your ultra nice personality and realise that when it comes to dating, you need to put yourself across and ‘sell’ your persona because leaving it to chance and hoping that she either drags it out of you or is wise enough to recognise straight off the bat the hidden joys within you is going to keep you away from the second date. Don’t make the mistake of becoming a ‘Bad Boy’ because you think that women don’t like ‘nice’ because you become bitter and twisted. Instead be a ‘nice’ guy with an edge – If you know that there is something in your attitude that is holding you back, improve it. If this was a job and you lacked assertiveness which hindered your progression, you’d either develop or improve it, or get a different job that doesn’t demand that trait. Likewise, when it comes to dating, either learn the skills that hold you back or start dating different types of women.

For the women that don’t give these guys a second chance, stop for a moment before you cut him off and ask yourself is it about him or your desire to be with a guy that is more ‘unavailable’ or creates more drama. Check to make sure that you’re being fair to this guy and maybe try a second date just for the hell of it. Some people are slow burners…

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