One Night Stands are what I also refer to as Stranger Sex. They occur when you pick up someone (or they pick you up) and you both decide to skip the formalities and get naked despite the fact that you barely know each other. Often someone creeps out in the middle of the night. More likely than not, neither of you see each other ever again.

This type of scenario has proved to be very unattractive to me as I tend to find the whole thing rather soulless. I was never the type that could blame the loss of my faculties on booze so on the couple of occasions that I did engage, even with several drinks in me, I was very aware of what I was doing and how rubbish the whole thing was. Yet I know LOTS of people who have had wild one night stands and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Now whilst they may be lying and exaggerating the amazing sex because they think it’s what’s expected, it’s more likely that there are people out there who can let loose with a complete stranger for one night only. Some people end up in one night stand situations though because for one reason or another, at the time they thought that they were both adults acting on their passion and this was the start of a beautiful relationship, when in reality, it was a shag. One night stands are great for people that are emotionally stable and have no expectations from the evening, but for people that do generate emotional attachment when they share bodily fluids with someone, they are a bad idea.

One Night Stands should be a personal choice that both people are happy to make. They are often fuelled by alcohol (and or drugs) and there are many motivations that drive the desire to have Stranger Sex. I think that under the right circumstance, in the right mood, with the right type of person who can mentally cope with this experience, people should shag away and that can only be down to the individual. We can only look out for ourselves when it comes to this type of situation as the very premise of one night stands means that there’s less talking, more shagging.

People do need to be safe from both a contraception and from the general safety and awareness point of view. It’s definitely an ET phone home situation.  Somebody, somewhere should know where the hell you are and whilst alcohol is wonderful for the libido, if you’re the type of person that can’t remember very much and ends up falling around with her knickers around her ankles, be careful when it comes to this scenario as there are plenty of weirdo’s out there! If you do indulge though, once the practicalities are out of the way, go nuts and have a good time as it’s a time when you can loose your inhibitions and literally work out your sexual frustration!

I don’t know if it’s a do or don’t scenario and it will always come back to the individual. One Night Stands shouldn’t be a regular on the menu as they do erode self-esteem but they can make an occasional guest appearance. I do wholeheartedly believe that there is far more fulfilling sex to be had with someone who you have a strong emotional, physical and mental connection with than someone who may not be 100% sure what your first name is. But each to their own.

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