It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 11, I cover:

The difference between confronting issues and confrontation: Many people conflate confronting issues and confrontation when they’re two entirely different things.

Get mad before we get happy: I explain why we sometimes need to get mad before we can feel grateful and recognise the lessons. When we try to skip straight to gratitude, we run the danger of ignoring our feelings and what we potentially stand to learn from anger, resentment etc.

Loving your new-found freedom: Why it’s OK to feel protective of your space and not quite ready to date, when you first start getting to know and like you.

Listener Question: This week’s listener wants to understand the difference between being vulnerable and having walls.

What I Learned This Week: After being offered money by a family member, I found myself wondering if I was supposed to decline it. I realised it was a negative association from the past (and nothing to do with him!) so I basically asked him if that was what was going on–we both fell about laughing. He got where I was coming from and I’ve cleared another negative association.


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