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It’s time for this week’s episode of  The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast!

Here’s what I cover in episode 27:

No (read: Low) Contact at work.

Breaking up can be a struggle but to then have to work with them too? Jaysus! I know all about that after having to sit across from my ex. We also shared clients, and his best friend was my bestie’s boyfriend at the time. I share my 7 Tips for No Contact at Work–you can also download the tip sheet. | There’s a whole chapter devoted to tricky situations and Low Contact in The No Contact Rule book:

Fear of failure. 

If you grew up around someone who pushed you to the be the best that you can be while at the same time, they scared the beejaysus out of you about failure and told you it wasn’t an option, the idea of taking risks and deviating from their ‘rules’, will start to impact on your decision-making and choices. I include questions for self-exploration and offer up some perspective on ‘failing’. Download The Unsent Letter Guide. Note, in the episode I say that it can be downloaded from the the same page as the tip sheet but then confused myself about how to. Doh! So you will need to request to download it separately–I will crack this for future episodes.

Em and I have been together for almost ten years!

It’s a big anniversary for us on the 18th and it’s brought into sharp focus, how I’m so glad that I stopped looking for what I used to look for.

Listener Question – Marlena’s trying to break her habit of being with Mr Unavailables but keeps meeting “too emotional” men who want to talk about and share in their feelings, which is making her uncomfortable. I shed some light on what’s really going on.

What Nat Learned This Week: I think I need to make a life plan! While listening to the Amy Porterfield business podcast, Michael Hyatt, offered up sage advice and insight about drifting and the importance of life plans, that really resonated with me.

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Nat xxx

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