It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions. My virtual mailbag has built up while I took some time off so this is a special episode dedicated to answering listener questions.

#1 Can I stand up to my disrespectful colleague? This listener was told to “shut up” by someone who she thought was a friend and they did it in front of everyone too.

#2 Should I send a ‘keep me in mind for the future’ letter to my ex? Her widower workaholic long-distance boyfriend has broken it off to date a woman closer to home and her therapist has suggested that due to the circumstances, that she should send him a letter telling him to get in touch if his situation changes.

#3 I can’t get a job and I feel like a failure in comparison to my ‘successful’ siblings. This is one of those situations that really exemplifies the vicious cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Living with her dysfunctional family who patronise and insult her plus going out with a ‘successful’ younger guy plus ‘successful’ siblings plus her friends having jobs is convincing her that she has every reason to think that she’s a failure.

#4 Do I think too much? A comment that she’s heard too often from past partners, this listener is starting to question the aspects of her that she prides herself on.

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Nat xxx

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