It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions!

In episode 31, I cover:

Why procrastination isn’t about laziness: Some of the hardest working, stressed out people I know, who are incidentally all perfectionists, grapple with procrastination. So many people beat themselves up about procrastinating but it’s not about laziness; it’s about secret fears and self-protection (and self-sabotage). The book I mention in this segment is Get Things Done by Robert Kelsey.

When estranged/absent parents get ill: Getting the news that a parent who you’re not in touch or have a fraught relationship with (or who you don’t really know), is ill, throws up some very conflicting emotions and thoughts. These call for a great deal of self-care. I should know… This happened to me this week. I share suggestions on what you can do if you’re going through this. Download “How To Write Letters To Your Younger Self”

‘Mutual’ agreements:

Sometimes what started out as something that seemed mutual turns out to be advancing the other party’s self-interest.

I explain why saying/doing nothing isn’t an option in this situation.

Listener Question: Paula’s confused about the ‘rules’ about dating and when to have sex. She thinks that the rules should be different if you’re older. Following radio silence after having sex on the third date, she wants to know how to reclaim her dignity and what to do next time. I lay it down about the BS on these ‘rules’ and “making men wait”. I wrote about sexual values and include questions to help you figure out your own.

What I Learned This Week: I’ve been talking to so many people who are going through big time upheavals and I explain why even though it’s harder at some times more than others, that we have to trust that it will get better.

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Nat xxx

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