There are certain things that will throw up a red flag that may indicate that your man has other interests that potentially involve giving another person a good seeing-to.

He’s routine to the point of being obstructive to the relationship. Yes some people are anal. Yes some people have obsessive compulsive tendencies. But if a guy has a rigid routine that he rarely deviates from, it not only shows that he’s not including you properly in his life and adjusting to the relationship, but it may also be an indicator of the fact that he’s cheating. Men that cheat do have a habit of being frighteningly routine so that they can schedule in the other woman.

He says you’re a couple but he only rolls up late. Or at the same time. If your man is attending to other business elsewhere, he has to tell some other woman a bullshit excuse about needing to go home, so that he can skip over to you. Obviously if you’re a booty call but you’ve been convincing yourself that you’re more than that, this may not mean that he has another woman, but if you are more than a shag on the side, he should be able to show his head in the cold light of day. Literally.

He runs for his phone when it rings and takes calls in other rooms while talking in hushed tones. Yes it may be a business call but when it comes to cheating there tends to be several indicators that add up together into cheating.

He smells of a perfume that’s not yours and tells you a convoluted story to explain it.

He showers a lot more suddenly.

He comes home later and later.

He stops telling you that he’s going to be late and continues to come home later and later.

There are suddenly a lot of wrong numbers or silent calls.

You find receipts for dinner/underwear/flowers/hotels and they aren’t explainable.

He says he’s in London on business but the PA distinctly says that he’s in Leeds.

You find another mobile phone that you didn’t know he had.

He omits as much detail as possible from his day to avoid being tripped up.

You catch something! Yes some cheaters are dumb enough to bring home an extra gift of an STD.

You find condoms but it’s not your form of contraception.

He claims that he’s suddenly decided to start treating himself to new clothing for himself (obviously this is unusual behaviour).
He suffers from ‘Those who doth protest too much’ syndrome. A surprising trait of men that cheat is they have a habit of making a lot of noise about other men who cheat and how awful they are. They also tend to paint themselves as the perfect partner and place themselves on a pedestal from other guys putting themselves in glowing light.

He’s suddenly very difficult to get a hold of.

He disappears for periods of time with little or no explanation.

Now I don’t want anyone going straight to their man and kicking them out but do note that with the exception of a few, a man who has a combination of these behaviours should be making you feel nervous. Always act on hard evidence or very strong suspicion and avoid paranoia!

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