Take Care of You – London


One-day workshop, London, 29th September

Self-care, so taking care of the thoughts that you feed you and the way that you treat you is critical for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, as well as the health and wealth of your interpersonal relationships. Funny enough though, so many people struggle with self-care and what results -- self-love. These weren't on the curriculum while growing up. ‘Mental health’, ’self-care’, ‘self-love’ and ‘boundaries’ are terms and concepts that we might only have heard when we were well into our adulthood and already in pain. While we can undoubtedly engage in certain practices (yoga, meditation, journaling) that connect us to ourselves and aid the process, if we don’t practise self-care in terms of the way in which we live our life, both in how we treat and regard ourselves as well as our choices, feeling good on a consistent basis eludes us.

In Take Care of You, you will:

  • Expand your understanding of self-care and learn about small habits that help you make big leaps.
  • Discover how early experiences have created patterns that influence the choices you make and your attitude towards self-care.
  • How to practise self-care when you’re a people pleaser/perfectionist, grew up in an environment where your boundaries were breached or have experienced trauma and grief.
  • Hands-on help and guidance with recognising and respecting your bandwidth and listening to your intuition.
  • Explore ways to take care of you within your interpersonal relationships and in situations where you fear the potential for conflict, criticism or rejection.
  • Learn how to use self-soothing, journaling etc., to manage your emotional responses and feel more in command of you.
  • Get practical guidance for managing and harnessing emotions including anxiety, stress, anger and fear, including caring for and loving you when you feel as if you let yourself down.

Self-care is a lifestyle, attitude, approach — a way of being. It’s small steps every day.

Very often, we expect too much of ourselves and berate us for not being better at something that we quite simply haven’t had the support and tools. We also need to recognise that, of course, self-care is ‘easier’ to put into practice when you’re relatively happy in you and your life, but another thing altogether when painful and distorted past experiences inform our self-esteem. Basic self-care advice won’t hit the spot because it doesn’t acknowledge what might quite frankly be the trauma we’re still processing. Help is at hand.

In this one-day intensive (but very fun and compassionate!) workshop, you will receive strategies, tools and mindset shifts to change your relationship with you and make self-care and self-love a reality.

What To Expect

Baggage Reclaim turns 13 this month so the day will be sprinkled with some birthday fun and surprises!


9.40 Registration and get settled

10-1 Morning session

1-2 Lunch

2-4 Afternoon session


Spaces are limited to allow me to give participants individual attention and to make for an intimate event.


When: September 29th 2018,

10 - 4 pm

Where: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, London W2 3NS

Light refreshments and workbook included.

£120 (including VAT)

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You must be 18 years or over to attend this event.

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