If there is a surefire way to knock yourself out of the running with a potential mate, it’s by perceiving yourself to be out of their league, which essentially sends an internal message to yourself that you’re not good enough for them. The very belief that someone is beyond your means that you would approach being with them from a negative place. It wouldn’t matter what they said or did because you won’t believe that you’re worthy of them. If you don’t think you’re in their ‘league’, why should they think you’re in their league?

Be careful of letting your own sense of self-worth get in the way of reaching out for someone who is truly worth it because when we don’t believe we’re good enough, we tend to end up with people that aren’t good enough either, or fail to recognise when they are. Rather than removing yourself from certain dating possibilities in the dating pool, put yourself out there and give yourself a chance. Not only are you pushing yourself, but you never know what could happen.

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