There is a poll on that shows that only about 18% of women don’t masturbate. This means that for the other 82% of us that do, masturbation is a pivotal and integral part of our sexual makeup.

Masturbation in centuries past used to be considered a taboo and a sin, but with enlightenment came acceptance of the different parts and facets of sexual makeup. Now I’m not going to expostulate on reasons why you should masturbate, but I do have to say that if you haven’t, you are seriously missing out.
I used to be from the school of thought that masturbation was a big sin and you would ruin sex by doing it. It wasn’t until I had my first proper self loving session did I even ever have a real orgasm. Apparently, what I thought was me orgasming were actually just the pre-tremors. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t engaged in some self loving. The same way that I wouldn’t have known that I was multi-orgasmic, or that you could have orgasms one right on top of another.

For starters, no one can know your body as well as you do. You have had it, looked at it, cared for it for the past few decades and will do so until you are old and infirm. So why not enjoy it?

You might state that you are getting regular sex and masturbation robs your man of pleasure…ummm, okay, totally not true. Masturbating will actually enhance your loveplay because you will know what you like and how to achieve pleasure. And who says you can’t masturbate and still have sex every day? That is just a myth. Guys actually like it when you touch yourself in front of them; it excites them for some reason. So there is no way that you can go wrong with this.

Moving right along, here is my guide to masturbating like a pro.

1. Get Knowledge: Before you even begin to masturbate, you should acquire some ideas to get you started. The internet provides a plethora of ideas and techniques, so do a discreet search to get your mind going. Read some erotic stories, visit sites that sell toys of all shapes and sizes, ogle pictures of really hot men…anything to get your mind going.
2. Acquire Tools: Some ladies prefer their fingers over anything else. Some like the organic use of a vegetable. Others will go for mechanical, battery operated, electric or manual sex toys. Some have discovered the utterly decadent wonders of the Rabbit, the Silver Bullet and Hand blown Glass. Most of the ladies I’ve talked to have more than one toy, so don’t limit yourself. The sex toy industry is booming, and they have all kinds of ideas for every single passion. Indulge yourself and buy whatever you wish, considering it a necessary facet of good self care. If you are shy, order off the internet and have it discretely sent to your mailbox in an undisclosed package. Just bear in mind that all sex toys are Non Returnable barring manufacturing faults, so once you purchase it, you can’t take it back. Don’t forget to stock up on batteries as well!
3. Set the Mood: This has got to be one of the most important things. For some, candles and soft music get them all ready, while others need loud rock music to drown out the sound of the vibrator. Whatever is your mood, have everything to need nearby so you don’t have to interrupt your play. Have some sanitary wipes, some lubrication, and anything else you might need. Disconnect your phone, lock your door, wear some nice lingerie, do what you need to provide for your privacy and enjoyment.
4. Use Your Imagination: Because there is a lack of the physical presence of a guy, you have to send your imagination in overdrive sometimes to be able to get off. Think of the scrumptiously delectable male specimen you were ogling just that morning, and all the naughty things you would like to do to him. Read an erotic XXX story or a watch a video before you start just to get your juices flowing.
5. Get the Party Started: Seriously, I highly doubt I need to expand on this one. Just play around with yourself until you find what you like. Keep doing what works for you. The more you practice, the quicker you can get off. Some like to draw out the pleasure, and can masturbate for 30 minutes to an hour. You might even get so adept that you can become multi-orgasmic, or achieve an orgasm faster than you can say Rumplestiltskin. How cool is that?

Those are the basics ladies. The rest is up to you. Happy loving.

Vixen is Deputy Editor for Baggage Reclaim. Visit her blog Bad Girls Guide

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