Baggage Reclaim is big promoter of sisterhood, that often forgotten stalwart of female friendships and good karma. Due to recent events in the Celebrity Big Brother house (women bitching, bullying, being ignorant, racist and downright nasty), Big Brother’s Big Brain (the show where the psychologists analyse the housemates behaviour) has laid out the type of bitching that us women do. It makes for some interesting reading….

Base Bitching — This takes the form of insults that are exaggerated and little more than childish name-calling.

Bond Bitching — This is where you see two housemates bitching about a third, sitting together and whispering. This is bond-bitching with two purposes firstly to cement a relationship with one another by confiding and the other is conspiratational.
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Assassination Bitching — This is like applying a shotgun to a victim’s head and pulling the trigger. It challenges the victim’s character and creates a new view of them in both the public and the housemate’s eyes.

Scorched Earth Bitching — This is really the most strategic form of bitching presenting the bitch in a good light while destroying other relationships in one fell swoop. For example, kindly telling someone what others have said about them, then waiting for the bomb to explode. The ripple effect of these strategic bitch-fests have the most long term damage.”

The type of female nastiness that I have witnessed on Celebrity Big Brother has left me cringing and it’s particularly embarrassing as it reveals a lot about female behaviour and it’s not good… If you read through this post and found the descriptions eerily familiar, check yourself! Oh and hush up!

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