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Nat Baggage Reclaim holding emotional baggage over her head

If you’re interested in hiring me to work with you one-on-one, please check out my consultation service.

If you’re looking for a speaker or workshop leader who speaks and inspires from a deep place within and will provide a mix of mindset-shifts and practices, all with a dose of humour and compassion, look no further.

I’ve been running workshops and speaking at conferences over the last several years and have also been hired to take my Baggage Reclaim ethos into business environments to help teams transform the way that they are working, both together and with clients.

I often bring people to tears (in a good way!) and I’m devoted to delivering thought-provoking insights and teachings that leave attendees feeling empowered and moved. I want people to experience a shift that they can carry with them and parlay into steps towards their true self and desires.

I’m keen to be involved in events that resonate with the work that I do here at Baggage Reclaim or where I can use over eleven years of writing and blogging experience to be a thought-leader on hot topics. I can either work with you to deliver a custom talk and event or I do have some ‘pre-made’ workshops.


  • Learning to love yourself
  • How to be more assertive and cut down on people pleasing
  • How to heal and evolve out of life’s bumps and challenges
  • How to break patterns and change unhealthy habits
  • Healing from abandonment and codependent parents
  • Emotional unavailability and commitment resistance
  • How to empower your child with self-esteem and healthy boundaries
  • Why love doesn’t hurt and other vital lessons (for teaching teenagers about healthy relationships and the importance of self-esteem)
  • Vulnerability
  • Blame, shame, anger, fear and the hold they have over us and how to loosen their grip
  • Self-compassion, compassion and forgiveness
  • How to discover and be your true self
  • Healthy relationships
  • Navigating dating
  • Dealing with tricky situations and people – conflict and criticism subjects
  • Values and compatibility including how to understand when you’re in a compatible relationship, what values are and figuring out your own
  • Self-care and self-soothing
  • How going on a Bullsh*t Diet can and will significantly increase your happiness
  • Inner critics and learning how to internalise your accomplishments and achievements
  • My own journey to learning to love myself and other lessons I’ve learned that I use to empower others
  • Boundaries – how to live and assert them without the sky falling down


Previous Engagements

Natalie has a vast amount of experience running workshops and speaking at conferences. Previous engagements include:

  • MISSING IN ACTION by Digital Women UK – Keynote speech on surviving and thriving as a female entrepreneur in the fast-paced world of digital.
  • CYBERMUMMY – Workshop on dealing with negativity online.
  • CYBHER – Panel member on Social Women & Business and session on Pinterest
  • BLOGTACTULAR – Keynote speech on using creativity to express your true self as well as how to get out of the habit of comparison and lessons from her own journey (see video above).
  • HAYMARKET – Panel member on PR & The Media, the industry B2B magazine for public relations professionals


TV Appearances

I’ve guested on Sky News on a number of occasions and when Vanessa Feltz had a daytime chat show on Channel 5, I guested on there a few times as well.

Side note fun fact: I’ve actually been going on TV since my early twenties when I was living back home in Dublin – I took part in a documentary on race and diversity when Ireland felt as if it was experiencing an ‘influx’ and was on MTV a few times although that was for my dancing and partying abilities.



I’ve been guesting on BBC Radio Tees a few times a year for the past few years as they enjoy, in particular, my take on infidelity. On the last Thursday of each month (11am – 1pm GMT), I guest on my local community radio station where I chat about self-esteem and relationships and answer lots of listener questions. Listen in live from wherever you are at Ridge Radio or via the TuneIn app (search Ridge Radio UK). If you’d like to know the dates, pop over to my Facebook page. Here’s one of the previous shows.

In August 2015, I launched my podcast The Baggage Reclaim Sessions (check it out on Soundcloud or iTunes), where you can get a feel for my style and what I’m about.

Side note fun fact: In my late teens and early twenties, I worked at a commercial radio station and sometimes they needed me to fill in on a topic and so I’d, for example, have to pretend to be a naturist! I’d credit these off the cuff, on the spot experiences for making me confident about talking on the radio and adapting to topics.

Want to know more?

For speaker rates or more information, email to natalie at baggagereclaim dot co dot uk (replacing the at with @ and dot with . )



Natalie-Lue-from-Baggage-Reclaim-v2Natalie Lue (pronounced l-oo and it’s Chinese in origin) is an emotional baggage declutterer, shady relationship buster, and self-esteem booster all rolled into one. Born in England, raised a little in Zambia but mostly in Dublin, Ireland, Natalie has taken her personal experiences and the resulting epiphany or more aptly, awakening, and has been sharing her insights, lessons and observations for over eleven years. She’s honed a particular speciality for helping people understand and move beyond emotional unavailability, which presents itself by way of involvement with unavailable people, fear of intimacy and commitment, self-esteem issues, and unresolved issues from childhood.

Over 600K readers per month treat BR like their friend who guides them on how to navigate life. Many BR readers use the advice to manage work, family, and friendship situations.

Aside from extensive blogging and writing experience, Natalie has a background in media, having started out working in commercial radio as a teen and working in research, promotions, front desk etc, and then directories, then magazine and online advertising. She used to work with both ad agencies and clients and the same intuitive, no BS approach that has been a hit with Baggage Reclaim, worked to her advantage in her sales career. When she left that behind to pursue her calling with Baggage Reclaim, not only did she do consultancy work on the side, helping creative business owners understand the challenges of growing as well as working online, but she also launched Bambino Goodies, a lifestyle website curating cool stuff for kids that was inspired by the challenges she faced when she was shopping around while pregnant. Since then, Bambino Goodies has become a staple with design-led parents and retailers and it’s played a pivotal role in the growth of a number of British independent retailers and designers, with Natalie and her now partner’s expertise on branding and retailing authentically, being in demand.

Natalie is a self-publisher and has built her business with print, ebooks and ecourses, mostly on word of mouth with her own audience. She has also developed her own product range. In early 2015, Audible released audio versions of her first three books, such was the popularity of them on Amazon. She currently has a screenplay in development for Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl.



*Zone of Genius is a great term coined by Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap. It refers to doing things that are in alignment with you doing your greatest work and shining your light, not just doing things that you’re ‘competent’ at or are being asked to do by others.