It’s time for another episode of Why Did We Break Up?.

Taylor and Greg began their 18-month relationship after meeting via Tinder. Despite hitting it off instantly and Greg appearing to initiate as much as she did, Taylor ended up feeling that she was making the bulk of the effort while Greg seemed to behave as if the relationship was something he ‘did’ in his spare time, something he didn’t have much of between a new corporate job and being a new member of an intensely secretive fraternity. A loyal girlfriend who people tend to describe as “ride or die”, months of back and forth, being dismissed, gaslighted and unappreciated despite her best efforts, and Taylor erupted with resentment and hurt, cutting him off at the start of this year. Recognising that she has a pattern of losing herself and erupting, she’s ready to find out why they broke up.


My new book, Love, Care, Trust & Respect.

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