The scariest thing about distance is you don't whether they'll miss you or forget about you. The NotebookIt’s that time of the week again for The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast.

Here’s what I cover in episode 14:

Why do some people find long-distance relationships especially attractive?: Sometimes long-distance relationships are unavoidable and both parties are endeavouring to close the distance gap asap but sometimes being in a long-distance relationship is the perfect smokescreen to hide emotional unavailability including fears about intimacy and commitment.

Painting a picture of your past position with a parent (or another family member): Sometimes a parent really does not see the same set of events in the way that we do because, well, they were both adult and parent back in the day plus we were experiencing those same things from a child’s perspective. We can become frustrated because we’re assuming that they understand everything that we’re feeling and why, but actually, being vulnerable enough to say, “This is what I felt, this is what I thought was going on, and here are a few examples of why”, can open up a fresh dialogue and some understanding between you.

Tips for dealing with workplace bullies: I offer up some suggestions for overcoming bullying behaviour at work. Stop seeing these people as strong – they really are not!

Listener Question – How do I deal with the distrust that I now find myself viewing women with after what was a brief but very painful and confusing relationship with my ex? I explain what this distrust is really about.

What Nat Learned This Week: Listening to my body is vital – it provides vital clues about where I’m overdoing it.

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