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It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 35, I cover:

Why do we pretend to like something when we don’t?: Sometimes we feel compelled to lie about our tastes in something because we’re trying to appear more attractive to someone or are afraid of rejection. Have you ever pretended to like something? I’ll be sharing a selection in an upcoming episode.

The 7 types of tricky family member: When a family member is a source of stress that brings out obligation, guilt, resentment and people pleasing, it has a knock-on effect on your self-esteem and your other interpersonal relationships. I explain the 7 types of tricky so that you can understand what’s behind their actions.

I’m turning 39 soon: And it’s prompted lots of thoughts around turning 40 including how to celebrate but also things I’m ‘supposed’ to be and do. I also talk about birthdays in episode 25.

Listener Question: How do I recover from messing up by moving too fast? Serious regrets abound because this week’s listener thinks he was ghosted after two dates because he fast-forwarded.

What I learned this week: I dragged myself right out of my comfort zone by allowing myself to be ‘seen’ at a workshop where I had to ‘talk about myself’ to a group of journalists for a total of 20 minutes. And the sky didn’t fall down! My cousin’s B&B that I mention is The Runaway and the friend whose workshops helped me bust through my [faux] limits is Janet Murray at Soulful PR.

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Nat xxx

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