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Greetings from Amsterdam where I’m having some lovely family time.

This week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions tackles the issue of knowing when we’re lying to ourselves. We’re all guilty on BS-ing ourselves from time to time but when what we’re concealing from us becomes harmful to our well-being, we need to recognise what we’re doing and why so that we can get grounded in who we really are and move forward in truth.

Topics covered

  • Why associating the truth with negative consequences causes us to stall in the fantasy
  • The five key habits of lying to ourselves: denying, rationalising, minimising, justifying and excusing
  • The Justifying Zone, that place we put ourselves in when we stick with something we shouldn’t because we want to justify the original decision we made
  • Why distancing ourselves from our behaviour leads to us not acknowledging, for instance, that people who aren’t jealous or obsessing don’t spend their time checking up on their ex or their ex’s new partner on various social media
  • How we can use our feelings to recognise where we’re lying to ourselves
  • How being triggered can become a push to recognise old untruths that are still hurting us
  • The importance of recognising the baggage behind our responses, including our temptation to lie to ourselves, so that we can move forward
  • Why noticing our thoughts in certain situations, such as when we’re self-critical when we’re around a new group of people, can help us to get grounded and overcome old hang-ups
  • Why hiding stuff from people because we’re afraid of hurting them only leads to more hurt

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Have a great weekend!


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