BREAK THE CYCLE of Emotional Unavailability

If You’re Serious About Being In a Serious Relationship, Accept No Substitutes

A six-week self-study course to get emotional baggage cleared so that you can be available for the real deal relationship you need, desire, and deserve.

Save 37% with the code CELEBRATE when you book by June 9th! Currently £186 (approx US$238/Euro 219). Normally £295 (approx US$375/Euro 346). Payment plan available

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Hello! Many of the reasons we’re attracted to people and want to be in a relationship with them have nothing to do with compatibility or meeting our emotional needs. And here’s the deal:

No matter how great the sex is, no matter how good they look, no matter how much we think we have in common with them, if we’re incompatible and have unmet needs, we’re unfulfilled. The relationship won’t work.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine if you could take those experiences and use them as intel to 1) move you towards a more mutually fulfilling relationship and, 2) move you towards becoming more of who you really are.

I invite you to join me on Break The Cycle, which has a wealth of insight, tools, processes and practices to help you break free of relationship patterns that aren’t serving you.

Because the truth is, this whole trying to figure out dating and relationships alone through trial and error, listening to or mimicking loved ones who might lead you down a dead end, trying to come up with schemes to catch ‘em and keep ‘em, or people pleasing in the hopes of being ‘chosen’, is tough.

When we turn eighteen, no one hands us a manual explaining how to navigate life, so after one too many painful dating and relationship experiences, we mistakenly blame it on our not being “good enough” and fear there are no decent folks left to date.

Adulthood is about unlearning all the unproductive and downright harmful lessons and misunderstandings we’ve picked up from childhood so that we can become more of who we really are. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realise this, and it can be tempting to give up or to stay stuck subsisting on crumbs (don’t).

That’s why I’ve created Break The Cycle and am giving you the classes and support to help you get to the bottom of your relationship pattern and on the way to healing it, in as little as a month.

And do you know what? Whatever’s been happening in your romantic endeavours, this is absolutely the time to dig into what’s been going on. Returning to what you know isn’t working and being less than who you are doesn’t have to be your future reality.

Become ready for the relationship and life you need, desire, and deserve.

If being in a serious relationship and being done with Mr/Miss Unavailables is your top priority over the coming months, I would absolutely love to work with you.

I’m great craic, plus I seriously know my stuff and might freak you out (in a good way) with how quickly I can pinpoint the personal baggage behind your pattern. I’m also compassionate and dedicated to helping as many people as possible to get out from the shadow of their pasts and into loving, awesome relationships.

If you’ve got questions about the course, drop me an email at (replace ‘AT’ with @), and I’ll be in touch ASAP. Or ping me a message in the chat box at the end of this page.

Hope you’ll join me!


Save 37% until June 9th with the code CELEBRATE. Currently £186 (approx US$238/Euro 219)

Normally £295 (approx US$375/Euro 346)

payment plan available


Understand where you are, how you got there, how to change your present circumstances, and how to maintain. 

>> You can’t move towards what you want and need if you don’t know and represent what that is. Figure out what you truly desire and need in a relationship and partner.
>> It’s tricky to change what you don’t know, so let’s identify your pattern.
>> Your pattern exists for a reason and contains powerful clues about how to heal, move forward and be more you. Discover the specific messages, guidance, and healing contained in your experiences.
>> Do a shedload of self-forgiveness work because you can’t move from where you are now to where you want to go if you carry the same beliefs, feelings, habits, and baggage.
>> Instil self-care practices that allow you to become conscious, aware and present so that the patterns can’t run you like they used to with the old triggers.
>> Become more emotionally available, making it so much easier to feel good about you and your relationships, choices and life in general.

 It’s time to remove the hidden relationship blocks so that they feel confident and happier and become available for the relationship and opportunities you desire and deserve.


If any of the following sound familiar, Break The Cycle will make a significant difference to your well-being and experiences.

Lacking confidence about dating or forging a relationship so you feel anxious about getting things ‘wrong’ and jeopardising the relationship or believing in someone and your future in case you get hurt.
Feeling unsure of what you really need and want in a partner and not being able to figure out where you’re going ‘wrong’.
Feeling invested in relationships that don’t get off the ground or that hit obstacle after obstacle and now doubting your worthiness and good qualities.
– Waking up hungry in your relationships wondering how you can be so into someone and yet you’re in pain and the relationship isn’t meeting your needs.
Being with same person, different package and winding up in variations of the same situation with similar frustrations and complaints, but being unable to see the pattern or how to move past it.
Wanting to be in a relationship and to meet ‘The One’ but feeling exhausted from past experiences and the dating process or feeling very ‘last chance saloon’.
Not truly feeling good about or believe in yourself so you people-please, look for validation, put your romantic partners on a pedestal, and settle for far less than you deserve. You’ve forgotten how wonderful you really are.

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Before taking Break The Cycle, I was terrified of getting hurt and settling for super-casual relationships. What I uncovered, especially about my secret anger and my fear of being trapped, blew me away. It forced me to confront the past in a really constructive and compassionate way. I met my current partner a few months later, and I know I wouldn’t have recognised and appreciated him without the work I’ve done. – Ailish, Ireland.

Course unfolds on a weekly basis initially, but you have one year’s access to the course so that you can continue to work at your own pace.

Enjoy access to a wonderfully supportive community (a private Facebook group) in which I am actively involved.

Save 37% until June 9th with the code CELEBRATE. Currently £186 (approx US$238/Euro 219)

Normally £295 (approx US$375/Euro 346)

payment plan available

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Please note that as I’m based in England, I charge in British pounds. Dollars/Euros quoted are approximate.

  I just finished taking Break The Cycle. Completely amazing, life-changing course. I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. Celeste, USA.


How many weeks does Break The Cycle run for?
This is a 6-week course.

What date does the course start?
The day you book.

Do I have access to the course material after the course ends?
Standard access is 12 months.

What format is the course material?

Video and audio versions for classes, and PDFs for any worksheets and other resources.

Do I have to show up at a particular time?
No. New course modules are released each week. The course is self-paced, so work it on your schedule.

Is the course suitable if I’m already in a relationship?
Regardless of whether single, dating, in a relationship or even married, start at ground zero to get a foundational sense of 1) you and 2) healthy relationships. So yes, it most definitely is suitable.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes. There’s a 3-month. This is a payment agreement, not a subscription, so in agreeing to the plan, you are agreeing to pay the full amount over three months.

Are bursary places available?
Yes. I appreciate that some people have been really hard hit by the Coronavirus times we find ourselves in. Please email natalie AT with your request including a very brief explanation, and I will send you a special code that will reduce the course fee to the appropriate amount. If bursary places are full for that month, you will be added to the bursary waitlist for the following month.

Is the currency exchange quoted exact?
No, it’s approximate. Currency conversion from British pounds to US dollars or in fact any other currency is done at the time of the payment.

How much access do I have to Natalie?
I’m active in the private Facebook group where I do respond to posts and offer encouragement and support. Given that this is an online course and I, of course, only have so much bandwidth, individualised, private support isn’t included with the course, although you can, of course, book to work with me privately. 

What’s the refund policy?
Refunds are available on the online course up until day 7 of the program. If you decide to cancel the course but keep your workshop place (or another bonus), you will be refunded the course minus the price of whatever you’re keeping.

Can I share my access/material with others?
Definitely not. The course and all of its materials are issued to the named student. Course materials are yours to download, but distribution/sharing is prohibited.

Can I gift someone with a place?
Yes, you can. Make your purchase and notify me afterwards at shop AT

Is anything in the Facebook group visible to the public?
No. It’s a private and secret Facebook group. What you see in your feed is based on what you have access to not what other people can see. For detailed information on how groups work, please see Facebook’s guide to privacy settings for groups.

Do I get a discount if I’m a student/member already?
Yes, book via the courses website not on here. Please note that student discount places don’t include bonuses offered (if applicable).

Once I sign up, how long does it take for me to enjoy a student discount?

You won’t receive one on your Break The Cycle purchase, but you will have student discounts after the refund term has ended (you will receive info on Day 8).