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I’m Natalie, a writer, podcaster and artist helping people eliminate emotional

baggage clutter for better relationships, self-esteem and work. 



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Natalie Lue

In the summer of 2005, I ended it with yet another emotionally unavailable guy that wasn’t ready for a relationship. During the call I asked “What makes you think that I’m the type of woman that would put up with a situation like this?” And then it hit me as past relationships flashed through my mind: it’s because I’d been exactly that woman. People-pleasing, ‘going with the flow’, fuzzy boundaries and letting myself be used in the name of ‘love’ and being ‘nice’ and ‘giving’.

That epiphany sparked a radical overhaul of my life, and since then, I’ve used my journey to help many thousands of people break free of fear of abandonment, rejection and failure.

I’ve been looking under the hood of interpersonal relationships and human behaviour for fifteen years, putting a name and conversation to subjects that weren’t being talked about (e.g. Future Faking, The Lean Period) as well as exploring the painful issues that all-too-often leave us feeling not ‘good enough’ and afraid of vulnerability, intimacy and abandonment.

It’s incredibly important to talk about the stuff that often leaves us riddled with anxiety, shame and confusion so that we tidy up our emotional baggage and free ourselves up to love and be loved. The blog dives deep on topics including emotional unavailability, people pleasing, perfectionism, shady relationships, healing old wounds, and so much more. 

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