In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I delve into what is undoubtedly one of my favourite topics: bandwidth. No, I’m not talking about internet broadband! I’m talking about your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bandwidth which is expressed by the time, energy, effort and emotion you have to deal with something or to be, do and have the things you need and want.

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Some nuggets about bandwidth from the episode:

  • “I spent [thirteen years] of my time, energy, effort and emotion online, and I reached a point last year where I needed to not do that.”
  • “The trap that people pleasers fall into is knowing that someone needs/wants something, and because of our awareness of it, we feel that we are responsible for meeting that need, for giving them what they want (we’re not).”
  • “If we’re not meeting our needs, we’re like a punctured tyre — something’s not going to feel right.”
  • “When you feel overwhelmed by something, that’s going to overshadow the amount of time, energy, effort and emotion that you have to deal with other things.”
  • “I grew up in a high-expectation environment…. There was only the expectation or failure. I didn’t learn about ‘good enough’…. “
  • “The more things you do that you don’t want to do is the less bandwidth you have”
  • “Boundaries are about knowing where we end and others begin.”
  • “Your body and life are always trying to speak to you.”
  • “People can’t respect a bandwidth that you don’t respect.”
  • On contemplating doing something that’s unfair/unreasonable/crazy to us (or others): “How many crack pipes am I gonna have to smoke in order to do this?

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Nat xxx

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