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Do a big emotional clear out with unsent letters

I first created my Unsent Letter Guide over a decade ago after utilising letter writing in my healing.

Since then, it’s had a couple of updates, been downloaded many thousands of times, and helped a hell of a lot of people.

Letter writing is a powerful journaling process that allows you to get in touch with your emotions and work through events and experiences from the past, by writing out your feelings with highly therapeutic and transformative letters that remain unsent. Yes, unsent!

This process has helped people deal with everything from childhood wounds, to breakups, to fallouts with friends and family, to painful career experiences that are denting their confidence.

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In the very early days of writing Baggage Reclaim, a reader contacted me for help with figuring out what to do about her relatively new relationship. She was keen to break her old pattern, but self-doubt got in the way. I suggested that she keep short notes about what she was feeling, when, contributing factors etc. I heard from her a couple of weeks later and the process had helped her realise that she was ignoring herself and disregarding signs that they weren’t a good fit. The feelings diary was born and since then, it’s become a foundational tool that I’ve shared and taught to thousands of people. This journaling process is short, simple yet powerful habit that can easily fit into your day and yield significant results. If you’re keen to break patterns, enjoy an increased sense of self so that your confidence and decision-making improves, and to foster more intimate relationships, this process will aid you in becoming more emotionally available. 

I respect your and only subscribe you to what you’ve specifically requested. Unsubscribe at any time.