Are you bright, successful (even if you don't always recognise this), attractive (even if you have your moments of doubt and comparison!), got friends, family, interests and aspirations, but experiencing resistance, disappointment and other setbacks with your romantic life that are causing self-doubt and fear about your future?

Do you pride yourself on being a good person--kind, generous, loving, good listener, willing to make sacrifices, empathetic--and want to remain this way, but are feeling bruised by a recent experience or a number of setbacks that are leaving you confused about how to proceed and whether you're 'worthy enough' (you are)?

Are you able to make good decisions in a number of areas and you're maybe even the person that loved ones and co-workers turn to for sage advice and problem solving and yet, behind the scenes, there's this one person or thing that's taxing you that you could do with some clarity on?

Is something keeping you awake at night as you run through what happened, any supposed missteps, what was said and not said etc., and maybe you're feeling as if you've talked it to death, that you should be over it by now, or that no one gets it?

Help is at hand.

No matter how many things we have going for us, when we experience setbacks or we feel as if we have big decisions we need to make, we can be inclined to forget who we are and we become convinced that we're messing up, or we get sucked into being and doing stuff that isn't reflective of who we are in the main.
We, more often than not, have a sense of what it is that we need to do, what's good and right for us, but sometimes struggle to tune out the noise and see the wood instead of the trees.
That's where I can be of help.

I have a deep understanding of human behaviour, the dynamics in relationships, and can basically cut right through the fluff and noise so that you can see what's going on and also see your way to next steps.
I can help you untwist what might feel like a very chaotic and painful story that's weighing you down and that you might be losing sleep, dignity, money or even your health over. I can help you have big breakthroughs and transformations.

My gift for seeing people and situations in deep detail and clarity has caused many people to jokingly ask if I live inside their head or am hiding outside their home, or to wonder how I can know so much about a situation I wasn't a part of or a person I haven't met. I've been told again and again by clients that I can often do in 1-2 sessions what they have been unable to achieve in months or even years of therapy, counselling or trying to figure it out themselves.

This means that I can save you time, energy, emotion and money, allowing you to take what I share with you and use it as a springboard for further work or to focus on taking next steps.


When you’re going through a really difficult situation or have become used to being and doing things in a certain way, it’s hard to get a sense of what you need to do because you’re too close to it.

Sometimes the way that you’re seeing the problem is the problem, so understanding subconscious beliefs, hidden motivations, and also getting clear on what is really going on, can be the transformative boost that you need to make a decision and evolve out of the experience.

I offer clarity sessions and there are a variety of options with each for working with me and to suit most budgets.


"Natalie has helped me so much more than I can imagine. She was compassionate, kind, but not afraid of being brutally honest. Her ability to get real while maintaining an open heart has put things into perspective for me, and enabled me to have the confidence, the skills, and the willingness I need to move forward. Thank you Natalie. The road to recovery is long still, but I’m grateful you’ve been with me through the most challenging part." Lisa

“Every time I have walked into a coaching session with Natalie, in minutes I have felt relief and empowered. She is quick to pinpoint what the real issues are, and the steps I can take to improve my situation. Coaching with her works, and I always walk out feeling I can crack my problems. She's the best investment for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and whatever situation you're in, she displays kindness.” Fiona


“Absolutely brilliant - one revelation after another. You are totally brilliant, Natalie. I feel like this has unlocked something for me. Thank you so much.” Emma

“This just made my life! Yeeeeeessssssss! Your email is everything! This is exactly what I couldn't see as well as what I couldn't quite get to the bottom of in my most recent sessions with my therapist. Even though we dealt with other issues, this one was still nagging at me (the shame that I'm holding onto). I'm actually crying tears of happiness! Thank you so much for all of this!"- Vanessa


“You’ve helped me understand in two sessions what I couldn’t figure out for the best part of a decade with my therapist.” Claire

clarity sessions

  •  One-off/ad-hoc email or phone consultations with me-- you can book one session or block-book up to five
  •  Typically used for troubleshooting an issue and gaining clarity so that you can stop blaming you for something, make a decision, move forward or use it as a springboard for further work
  • An email session is ideal if you're in the, 'I'm in this situation. What the hell is going on, why am I in this and any pointers on what I can do next?' zone. Email sessions are also the ideal option if you're on a budget.
  • On booking, you will receive an email with a calendar link for you to book your 'slot' for your session. There's a really high demand for sessions so book in at the earliest available date.
  • If you need a quick turnaround, you need to book an emergency session-- you will receive a reply within 24 hours of submitting the information for your session
  • You can submit up to 350 words per session and I include some helpful suggestions for getting the most out of your session. If you want to submit more, you need to make a block booking. My replies are thorough, detailed and cut right to the heart of the issues.
  •  A one-off clarity session by phone is 90 minutes and covers ground that could really only happen over several email sessions. In this session, we can explore current and past factors that are contributing so that you have the perspective that's often missing but crucially, we connect you back to your truth, your inner voice. We can also explore next steps--actionable things that you can do to start to improve how you are feeling and change what you're doing or how impacted you are by the situation. You can opt to book a one-hour session.
  •  An email session is £89 (approx US$115/EUR103) and a one-off phone session is £340  (US$440/EUR390). Prices exclude VAT for those based in the E.U.

Please note that I charge in British pounds as I'm based in England.

Please note that I don't offer therapy or any other form of professional or legal advice.


How long is the wait?

There are typically sessions available within 5-10 days although in high demand periods or during holidays, the wait can be longer. If the latter is the case, I will flag it on the page so that you are aware before booking.

I really want a phone session but it says that you're full-- can I go on a waiting list?

Email my assistant at natalie@baggagereclaim DOT and she will let you know when space is available.

Do people get moved up after booking?

Yes, sometimes. If more space becomes available or I shuffle my schedule around, people who are already booked in get first dibs on those spaces.

Can I request a specific date?

If you want a specific date for an email consultation, you need to book an emergency session.

I need help urgently. Do I still have to wait?

Yes, unless you're prepared to book an emergency session.

If I block-book sessions, can I add them together to avail of a longer session?

Yes. Two sessions takes you up to 750 words and three sessions takes you up to 1200, which is the maximum.

What happens if I book one email session and go over the word count?

If it's slightly over, no biggie, but if it's a good bit over or it's typically over (it's been done on more than one session), you will be asked to resubmit your request or to book another session. Please note that sessions need to be paid for in advance so if you are over your word count, you will need to pay the excess before you can receive your reply. Paying promptly ensures that you don't lose your slot.

If I'm having two or three email sessions at a time to avail of a longer word count, do I need to book more than one date in the calendar?

No. I adjust my schedule at my end. Your slot in the calendar lets you know what day it's being worked on and you will receive your reply shortly after the end time of your session.

How much time do I have to submit my email session?

Please submit at least 12 hours before the session.

Where do I submit to?

There is a private email address that is included on the confirmation email.

Do you do coaching via email?

No, this would be via phone or in some instances, face to face.

I don't see the option to book a phone session.

If it's not there, it means I'm full for phone sessions.