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When clients begin to share their stories with me, I pick up on their patterns and emotional baggage and even how the story will unfold in as little as thirty seconds. During a session I zone in on what drives them, their motivations, possible pain from their pasts and what they’re trying to avoid, protect, prove or ‘pay back’. It also includes recognising what’s going on with the other party or what the overall dynamic and energy is of a, for example, work or family environment and how this contributes to the issues at hand. 

Want to work with me one-to-one?

I offer email and phone consultations on a one-off or regular basis.

Bookings are currently closed. Be first to be notified when I have space available. 


    Wondering if one-to-one sessions are right for you?

    • Are you struggling with a decision you need to make?
    • Trying to figure out why your relationship is going through a rough patch and how to move forward together or wondering if something is a red flag with a new partner or date?
    • Are you stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere?
    • Is something weighing you down but you’re not sure what?

    I can help! I have a deep understanding of human behaviour and 16 years of experience helping people get clear on their needs, goals and desires, make changes in their careers and let go of dead-end relationships. My gift for seeing people and situations in uncanny detail and clarity has had people jokingly ask me if I’m inside their head or hiding outside their home. What I help you uncover in one session, is, as I’m often told by clients, what it sometimes takes many sessions or years elsewhere. This means that I can save you time, energy, emotion and money, allowing you to take what I share with you and use it as a springboard for further work or to focus on taking next steps.


    Let’s declutter your baggage together and create a clear path forward.

    here’s HOW IT WORKS

    Email sessions: Send me up to 350 words and I’ll send you back a detailed analysis of what’s going on with suggestions on what to do!  £89 (approx US$118 or €99). Need more words? Book two sessions (up to 750 words) or three sessions (up to 1200 words). 

    Phone sessions: Book 60 minutes as one-off’s or as re-occurring sessions. £260 (approx US$312 or €275). 

    My day for replies is Wednesdays (book in for the next available date). You will receive an email after booking with details about how to schedule your session. Need more info on the sessions? Check out the FAQ.

    Please note that these are not therapy sessions, and I don’t provide medical or legal advice, nor are these sessions a substitute for those. Prices exclude VAT for those based in UK.  

    Bookings are currently closed. Be first to be notified when I have space available. 


      WHAT HAPPENS after you’ve booked?

      After you book your session, you will receive a couple of emails within a few minutes. One will be your receipt, the other will be an email that contains a link to the calendar plus next steps for your session.

      If you are a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Comcast user, you may need to do a search of your email or check one of the other inboxes as all of these are very fond of filtering. If you haven’t received your confirmation and instructions within 24 hours, please email shop(AT) and it will get sorted pronto.

      “Natalie’s compassionate, kind, but not afraid of being brutally honest. Her ability to get real while maintaining an open heart has put things into perspective for me, and enabled me to have the confidence, the skills, and the willingness I need to move forward.”  — Lisa

      “Within minutes of every session, I’ve felt relief and empowered. Natalie’s quickly pinpoints the real issues and the steps I can take to improve my situation. I always walk out feeling I can crack my problems. She’s the best investment for my mental and emotional wellbeing, and whatever situation you’re in, she displays kindness.”  — Fiona

      “Absolutely brilliant – one revelation after another. I feel like this has unlocked something for me. Thank you so much.” — Emma

      “I was at a very low point when I reached out to Natalie. So many things fell into place for me, and I finally felt as if I could stop beating myself up. What was particularly powerful was her pointing out the connection between my relationships with women and my mother. So healing. ” -Dean

      “You’ve helped me understand in two sessions what I couldn’t figure out for the best part of a decade with my therapist.” –Claire

      “Your email is everything! This is exactly what I couldn’t see as well as what I couldn’t quite get to the bottom of in my most recent sessions with my therapist.  I’m actually crying tears of happiness!”– Vanessa


      Are sessions confidential?


      Can I request a specific date?


      From January 2021, I’m operating a waiting list. This means that if you want a specific date, you will need to book an emergency session (if the option is available depending on my bandwidth) and pay the additional fee. 

      What days do you work?

      My consultation day is typically a Wednesday, although I leave a little wiggle room for clients in different timezones (I’m in England) and those I work with on an ongoing basis. If you are booking a one-off/ad-hoc session, it will be on a Wednesday. 

      Can I request a specific time for my session?


      For phone sessions, yes. If you don’t see a time that works in the calendar, just let me know a couple of times. Please note that the latest I’ll work is up to 8pm UK time.

      There's a waiting list. How long is the wait?

      I try to make sessions available at least once a month. If you’re on the waiting list, you will receive an email notifying you of availability. 

      Do you do shorter than one-hour phone sessions?

      Not as standard. While I would like to offer the option, experience has taught me that it’s typically a one-hour session trying to be squeezed into thirty minutes. If you’ve worked with me before or you genuinely know that it’s a thirty-minute session and you can handle sticking to exactly that time, add yourself to the waiting list and then reply to the follow-up email with a request for a thirty-minute session. 

      I really want a phone session but it says that you're full-- can I go on a waiting list?

      Yes, there’s a form for the waiting list at the top and just over halfway down the page.

      Do people get moved up after booking?

      Yes, sometimes. If more space becomes available or I shuffle my schedule around, people who are already booked in get first dibs on those spaces.

      I need feedback on my situation urgently. Do I still have to wait?

      Yes, unless you’re prepared to book an emergency session (if that option is available). Join the waiting list, and then reply to the confirmation email and put ’emergency session’ in the subject line. Please note that there is an additional charge for emergency sessions. 

      If I block-book email sessions, can I add them together to avail of a longer session?

      Yes. Two sessions takes you up to 750 words and three sessions takes you up to 1200, which is the maximum.

      How do email sessions work? Do we email back and forth?

      After booking, you will receive an email that includes a link to the calendar and instructions for submitting your 350 words. It’s sent to a private email address and I will work on my response to you during the time you’ve booked on the calendar. You typically receive your reply within an hour of your time slot.

      What happens if I book one email session and go over the word count?

      If it’s slightly over, no biggie, but if it’s a good bit over or it’s typically over (it’s been done on more than one session), you will be asked to resubmit your request or to book another session. Please note that sessions need to be paid for in advance so if you are over your word count, you will need to pay the excess before you can receive your reply. Paying promptly ensures that you don’t lose your slot.

      If I'm having two or three email sessions at a time to avail of a longer word count, do I need to book more than one date in the calendar?

      No. I adjust my schedule at my end. Your slot in the calendar lets you know what day it’s being worked on and you will receive your reply shortly after the end time of your session.

      How much time do I have to submit my email session?

      Please submit at least 12 hours before the session.

      How do I submit the information for my email consultation?

      There is a private email address that is included on the confirmation email.

      Do you do coaching via email?

      Only as part of a coaching package that mixes emails and calls.

      I don't see the option to book a phone session.

      If it’s not there, it means I’m full for phone sessions.

      Do you provide medical/legal/financial/professional advice?

      I am not a doctor or therapist so I don’t provide legal or medical advice. If you need professional support, I recommend BetterHelp, the online service that provides counselling with licensed therapists. Save 10% when you book through my link. Full disclosure: As an affiliate partner, I receive compensation if you purchase through the link.

      I can't afford your sessions, but would love to get feedback from you on my situation. What are my options?

      I receive a significant volume of free requests for advice via email and social media. While I am happy to answer quick questions and point people to resources, out of respect for my work, bandwidth and paying clients, I can’t provide free individual feedback. I appreciate that not everyone can afford to work with me even with a discount, but there’s a tonne of resources on the site–the podcast, blog, courses, classes, ebooks, etc., with a significant amount of it free.


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