THE BaggageReclaim SESSIONS with Natalie Lue

I’ve been offloading my excess emotional baggage and reclaiming myself for over seventeen years and sharing that journey through my books, courses, and this blog. Over 278 episodes, I shared inspiration, practices and tools for reclaiming ourselves from the emotional baggage that causes us to be people pleasers who settle for less than what we need, desire and deserve. 

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Not sure where to start? Here’s a selection of handy playlists on a variety of popular topics 


109 The Four Qualities of a Loving Partner | LISTEN NOW

188 The Landmarks of Healthy Relationships | LISTEN NOW

123 The Five Stages of Relationships | LISTEN NOW

203 What is Intimacy? | LISTEN NOW

209 The Compatibility Factor | LISTEN NOW

255 Sharing Core ‘Directional’ Values Matters for Compatibility | LISTEN NOW


270 Unhealthy Relationships and Knowing When To Fold | LISTEN NOW

185 Let’s Talk About Gaslighting | LISTEN NOW

122 Relationship Crumbs, Whether It’s From The Shady or The ‘Nice’, Are Crumbs | LISTEN NOW

112 The Trouble With Emotional Blackmail | LISTEN NOW

212 People Can Be More Than One Thing | LISTEN NOW


197 Using Code Amber and Code Red Alerts To Be More Boundaried | LISTEN NOW

199 ‘Yes’ isn’t a Clean Word If It’s Not Authentic | LISTEN NOW

205 Four Steps to Help You Have an Assertive Response When You Recognise That You Don’t Want to Do Something | LISTEN NOW

138 Why Are Some People So Averse To Respecting Other People’s Boundaries? | LISTEN NOW

193 The Landmarks of Boundaried Communication | LISTEN NOW

153 Are They Being Unfair and Unreasonable? Am I? | LISTEN NOW


124 10 Key Signs of Emotional Unavailability | LISTEN NOW

246 Can We Know If a New Partner is Emotionally Available? | LISTEN NOW

73 Is Lack of Curiosity Indicative of Disinterest?, Personal Anniversaries, Being OK With Disapproval | LISTEN NOW

46 Making New Friends, Are They Emotionally Available?, Celebrate You | LISTEN NOW

264 Let’s Talk About the Real Reasons Behind Affairs | LISTEN NOW

What People are Saying

“Life-changing advice”

I like to imagine I’m sitting down with my best friend, talking about relationships over a cup of tea. Every single episode has given me something important to consider about romantic relationships, work ethics, family issues, and friendship. Keep them coming, Natalie!

Incredible podcast – she asks such thought provoking questions, gives many examples and makes thoughtful observations. I have been so impressed I recommended this podcast to 9 friends. It’s relevant for everyone in so many stages of life!!

A friend recommended Natalie Lue during the worst break up ever and still I return for extra comfort on how to navigate relationships. Voice like honey and the best advice on self awareness out there

“Knows her stuff!”

This podcast got me through some really tough times in navigating the dating world. Highly recommend her episodes on the Stages of Relationships to give clarity-when dating in these times is anything but.


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