It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 71, I cover:

Career stuckness: I sent an email earlier this week about my book and in it, I shared a story about what dissatisfaction with our career can teach us about settling for less in our relationships, and I received a number of emails from people who were going through exactly the same thing. I share a bit of that story along with some other examples and I explain some of the factors that contribute, including failing a big exam and fear of someone else’s financial position.

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Getting into a self-care routine: Taking care of you with small steps every day pays big dividends. I explain why self-care is so pivotal to the quality of your life and your resilience and why dedicating a little bit of time in the morning, middle of the day and in the evening (your ‘self-care sandwich’) is so transformative.

The questions I featured for helping you to figure out what you need:

  1. Where are you self-critical?
  2. Where do you feel overloaded, burdened, obliged, irritated, angry?
  3. Who’s draining you?
  4. Where do you cut corners? e.g. skipping lunch, breakfast, sleep, or working until late
  5. What’s a recurring complaint? I’m so busy, so tired, I never, I always
  6. What do you think about doing but don’t?
  7. What can you do to nourish your mind, body and soul?
  8. What do you need to say no to so that you can say yes to some of your own needs?

Examples of self-care habits: Journaling, affirmations, prayer, time outdoors, time to learn, time to read/listen, being deliberately slower, deciding on your priorities for the day, shrinking your list and being focused on your priorities, healthier lunch, drinking water, practising gratitude including noting ‘3 Good Things’ and having a gratitude mindset where you shift your focus to noticing positives, stretching, exercise, legs up the wall pose, lying flat, foot baths with Epsom salts, taking vitamins, early nights, switching your phone off, social media diet

Resources mentioned

Minimalism: I recently watched the Minimalism documentary on Netflix and it resonated with a number of things that have been niggling at me for a while about living with less to enjoy more in other ways. I’m looking to do Project 333 (wearing 33 items for 3 months) and was curious as to whether anyone else had done this.

Listener Question: Karen wants to know how to deal with her irrational jealousy about her boyfriend and her friend.

What I Learned This Week: I need to slow down so that I can taste life.

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