Are you ready to change how you feel about yourself and transform your life?

100 days from now, you will be more of who you really are: the wonderful you that already exists but that's overshadowed by baggage from the past.

The key to feeling good and having a great relationship is treating and regarding yourself with love, care, trust and respect before you develop those feelings for another person. Easy, right? If you’re already shaking your head, then I understand, and it’s precisely why I wrote this book!

We rarely take the time to appreciate and love anything about ourselves. So how can we expect a partner to develop those feelings?

I've been where you are and know first hand the change you will feel when you learn to let go of all that excess emotional baggage. Not only can it instantly make a difference to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being but it also creates space for more loving experiences and relationships. And when you are confident and comfortable in your own skin, you’ll soon discover the right people are naturally drawn to you.

Wouldn’t it feel great to just know what to do and how to get what you wanted? You can begin today and start to make sense of your past experiences and habits. 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim is packed with loads of bite-sized doses of inspiration, mindset shifts, tips and practices to help you make radical shifts in a relatively short period of time.

I first created 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim as a self-esteem project via email in Winter 2015 and again in Spring 2016. Below you can see how it helped others make a difference make to their lives with a little dose of self-love each day.

You may already spend time at the gym working on your body, at the computer learning new skills, in the office developing your career etc., so isn’t it time to direct some of that energy towards a great relationship? Think of this as a challenge to invest a little bit of time to get to know and take care of you. As a result you will open up your thinking on love, relationships, and life.

Some days are about stretching your thought process, while others involve trying something new or achieving a small task. This will all help to build your self-esteem, change unhealthy habits of thinking and behaviour and encourage a far more positive frame of mind.

Each day features a short lesson that helps you to compassionately take a small step every day towards changing the way you feel about and treat you. You will progress through various themes running over several days. A journaling prompt is included with every lesson to help you increase self-awareness and inner-knowledge. By the end, you will know you far better than you did before – you might even surprise yourself!

Afterwards, you’ll find you are less inclined to get sucked into unhealthy patterns. The pace is entirely up to you so you can, of course, read ahead or just take it a day at a time — whichever feels right for you. Many of the Baggage Reclaim tribe have mentioned that there is so much valuable knowledge they dip back into it every now and then to help them stay on track in the long-term. It’s like that ever-faithful best friend that gives you great advice you can trust.

Investing a little time and energy into you each day makes a significant difference if you’re self-critical, prone to people pleasing, or you struggle to create, forge and sustain healthy relationships. By the end of the challenge, you will be more conscious, self-aware and have greater presence than you did before. Get to know and love the real you, boost your confidence, and feel empowered by self-care.

100 Days of Baggage Reclaim is an ebook which is available via the Baggage Reclaim Shop as well as via Amazon (for Kindle readers). It's £7.49 (approx USD 9.98 and Euro 8.74).


“Thank you so much for the 100 Days series.  I felt like I was having a personal visit with you every day and getting a big dose of your wisdom.  It came at a great time, while I am still healing from an emotionally unavailable relationship, but I’m getting much stronger each day.  Your daily posts helped enormously.” Marie

“100 Days is changing my life, and I’m only on Day 24!” Brianna, USA

“I’m feeling so much more boundaried! The shifts are incredible!” Sharleen, UK

“It seems like the issue discussed of the day addresses something I have targeted recently. So spot on it is scary.” Vicky

“I love the format! Short, but direct. And the journaling prompts are so helpful. I feel like I'm making great strides.” Johanne, Canada

“I can not tell you how much this 100 Day course has helped. The last 2 weeks, in particular, every day has spoken to a particular issue. Yesterday I was nervous because of a job interview and bang, the day about doubts popped up, reminding me to think of how much I had prepped and calm me down.” Rowen