It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 34, I cover:

Very charming people: We can all be charming at times, such as when we’re flirting, but this is very different to people who, when you think about what it is that stands out about them, it’s that they’re very charming and that you became aware of this due to certain issues that you encountered with them, including struggling to forge intimacy because their ‘charm’ keeps you at a distance and an unwillingness to face and address issues.

What’s your money story?: Back in March, I featured an Advice Wednesday where the reader’s husband had become increasingly controlling once she gave up her higher paying job after having their first child and I explained about how our associations with money influence how we relate to it including whether we get triggered in certain situations. After getting so many emails about this topic ever since I answered this question, I decided it was time to explore the themes I mentioned in the show.

Just because they can, it doesn’t mean that they have to: Have you asked somebody to help you out with something only to be met with no, even though you feel that they can help you out? I explain why even though you might feel that they can help out or that they have the means to, for instance, lend you money, that they don’t have to and this could be a really good time to explore what’s the real issue behind their no.

Listener Question: This week’s listener question is about what to do when you’re single and your loved ones keep prying into your love life.

What I Learned This Week: Em gets really obsessive about things–he’s currently on an exercise buzz–and I realised that I actually admire his enthusiasm.

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