It’s time for a Why Did We Break Up? episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions. I’m so excited as I’m loving these special editions of the show.

In this second episode (if you missed the first, go to episode 41), Steve is reeling from his recent divorce from Danielle after sixteen years together. They met in 2000 via mutual friends at a club in London and with her being 9 inches taller, he didn’t think he stood a chance with her. Both were grappling with their hurts and issues from previous relationships and proceeded into a tempestuous long-distance relationship. One year down the road, just as they were trying to figure out whether to continue, they found out they were pregnant. Steve, despite the divorce and Danielle having started up with a co-worker before things had ended, is still hoping to win her back and is accepting most, if not all of the blame for the demise of their relationship. I help him to figure out, Why did we break up?

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