Me recording the podcast in the closet of our Airbnb

Me recording the podcast in the closet of our Airbnb

It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

Greetings from Bilbao in Spain where we’ve just arrived after a few days in San Sebastián where I think I’ve eaten my weight in food–you can catch glimpses of our trip on Instagram.

I can’t believe that it’s a year since I started the podcast. It has stretched me in ways I hadn’t imagined it would and I love that my weekly sit-down has meant that I can cover an even greater range of topics and that it’s meant so much to so many people.

Episode 41 is a special edition of the show that marks the beginning of a new offshoot, Why Did We Break Up?, where I explore real breakups in-depth and try to find the answer to that question, not just so that the person who’s stuck can begin to move on with perspective, but also so that we can learn not just about ourselves but also our collective humanness in our quest to love and be loved.

In this first episode, I share the story of Yasmine and Russell’s ‘breakup’ of a relationship that never actually took off but left her bruised and hurt beyond measure. It has some ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairy tale leanings and it’s ultimately a cataclysmic brief relationship where two people who don’t really like themselves very much and have some skewed notions about beauty and attraction, and who ultimately want to be seen and appreciated inside and out, expose their deep pain.

I will be back with the usual Baggage Reclaim Sessions episode next week.

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