The things that you're self-criticial about are the same things that others will celebrate or even envy

It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 46, I cover:

Being open to making new acquaintances and friends: My daughters started at their new school this week which means I’m back to not knowing anyone at school. I find situations like this quite daunting although I’ve learned to overcome my temptation to retreat into myself. I share a few tips that I’ve learned from facing down my awkwardness and fear.

Is your partner emotionally available? Following on from episode 28 where I talked about recognising your own availability, I share ten key questions to help you make sense of a partner’s availability. Of course the things that we seek in others are what we also need to be striving for in ourselves, so these questions can apply to you too. I’ve put them on a handy question sheet which you can download here.

Holiday recap: I’ve had some lovely emails and comments from people who have holidayed on their own and am gradually making my way through them. I share a couple of snippets in the show. Both people learned a lot about themselves but one loved their trip, and the other hated it but it became a catalyst for massive change.

Whatever the outcome of an experience, we get to heal, grow and learn. We get to know ourselves better.

Listener Question: Samantha wants to know how to broach the topic of taking things slowly re sex.

What I Learned This Week: The things that we criticise ourselves for are the very things that others celebrate or even envy.

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Nat xxx

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