Create Your No Contact Plan short course

Want to go No Contact (NC), but have tried before and struggled whether it’s with this person or another ex? Or, do you want to understand what NC will involve so that you can finally move on and stop hurting? Let me help you make a plan for success. 

After guiding many thousands of people through breakups and NC through books like The No Contact Rule, my blog, courses and podcast, time and time again, I saw people fall into the same potholes that meant that they avoided NC altogether or kept falling off the wagon. 

Create Your NC Plan is a short, pre-recorded course featuring a video masterclass and resources where I talk you through a powerful planning process that helps you identify strengths, validation, potholes and triggers in advance and what needs to be addressed so that you can be No Contact to the best of your abilities.

What’s included:

    • A 50-minute video talking you through the four sections of the plan
    • Four short supporting video classes, including prepping for the plan, dealing with urges to break No Contact, and creating your NC Timeline (total of all 4 videos is 34 minutes)
    • Audio versions of the video classes (MP3)
    • The NC Plan workbook, plus an editable PDF version
    • NC Day Tracker Sheets (PDF) in A4 and A5, including an editable version of the A4 PDF
    • Facing Regret Journaling Guide (PDF) + audio version
    • Work Through Your No Contact Doubts (PDF)
    • Do I need to cut contact? checklist (PDF)
    • Code Amber and Red Cheat Sheet for NC (PDF)
    • Feelings Diary Guide (PDF)
    • Unsent Letter Guide and worksheet (PDF)
Create Your No Contact Plan

Price: £49

(approx US$68 or EUR 57)

This course is also available as part of a bundle with How to Break Up.

Together these courses will arm you with tools and strategies to break up and go no contact.