my books 

Mr Unavailable & the Fallback Girl

 Tired of the blowing hot and cold, not knowing where you stand, feeling like something’s wrong with you or that you have to jump through hoops to make your relationship work? This is the no-holds-barred guide to emotional unavailability. 


The No Contact rule

Breaking up with boundaries is crucial, not just to your wellbeing, but to your future relationships. When you’ve lost your self-esteem or they won’t respect your boundaries, it’s time for No Contact.


The dreamer & the fantasy relationship

Discover why loving at a distance feels ‘safer’ but hurts. Learn how to heal from the loss of a relationship that didn’t get off the ground, was mainly via text and the internet, or was a really intense crush. 


100 days of baggage reclaim 

Change the way you feel about and treat you with one hundred daily lessons and journaling prompts to help you build your self-esteem and heal emotional baggage.


Love, Care, Trust & Respect 

What is love really all about, and how do we create and forge mutually fulfilling loving relationships? Discover a framework for understanding intimacy and healthy relationships.


how to say no: the scripts 

A guide on how to say no when you need, should or want to that includes over four hundred scripts. Learn how to create healthy boundaries and protect your bandwidth at work, with friends, family and romantic partners.