Natalie Lue

Reclaim Your Work Boundaries

A 4-week self-study online course

Learn how to redefine your relationship with work by understanding your limits, bandwidth and actual responsibilities so that you transform your work habits and dramatically reduce anxiety, overwhelm, frustration and resentment. Get your life back, do more of what’s in your wheelhouse instead of taking on too much or agreeing to the wrong stuff, and break the cycle of codependent thinking and behaviour that underpins how you’ve learned to work.

By utilising a powerful framework for recognising your bandwidth and acknowledging boundary issues, including when you need to or should say no and not exploiting yourself or allowing others to exploit you, you will embody and practise healthy work habits. That transformation reclaims, nurtures and prioritises your well-being, leaving you with the space to enjoy your personal life and the work you do. 

Leave this course understanding the practicalities of work boundaries and quick ways to hit the ground running, as well as what’s fair and reasonable, strategies for assertive communication, and how to deal with tricky co-workers, bosses, clients and situations without the sky falling.

Have you tried to have boundaries at work?

  • Like most humans, you weren’t taught about boundaries, values, self-care and needs, but you did learn how to distrust your feelings, so you likely acknowledge issues only once they’ve escalated.
  • You can’t acknowledge, articulate or embody something when you don’t have the language or tools to do so.
  • Fear of, for example, not giving 100%, of missing out, appearing lazy, not being a team player, and people thinking ‘badly’ of you, create a cycle of anxiety-driven work habits that create codependent dynamics, making it feel near-impossible to have boundaries.
  • Books, articles and resources reference boundaries, but with productivity, money and career advancement dominating the work narrative, you learn that boundaries, including saying no, threaten these.

That’s why I’m sharing my experience, expertise, tools and strategies in this online course that will arm you with everything you need to get up and running with boundaries so that you can transform your work habits and stop feeling trapped in a cycle of overwhelm, anxiety, resentment and high stress.  

Learn from someone who’s helped many thousands of people over the last 16 years to break the cycle of unavailable and shady relationships by creating healthy boundaries through my website, podcast, books and courses. 

if we don't say yes authentically, we say it resentfully, fearfully, or without respect for ourselves and our bandwidth, and that leads to far more problems than if we'd said no in the first place.

This is for you if:

  • You literally don’t know when to say no, if you can say no, or what your limits are, and maybe work long hours, are constantly ‘proving’ yourself, taking on more and more work and feeling increasingly crappy. 
  • You sense or know that people pleasing, perfectionism, overthinking, overgiving, over-responsibility, playing it small or self-sabotage drive your work habits.
  • Work, whether it’s your habits, how you feel about it or the people, remind you of childhood dynamics.
  • You act like you’re a machine and have experienced stress-related health symptoms or even burnout, or you have little bandwidth to take care of you or focus on your other priorities, but you don’t know how to break this cycle. 
  • Bullying, passive-aggression, bias, gaslighting, microaggressions and the like have been understandably triggering and dented your confidence and confused your sense of your boundaries. 
  • Your work habits influence and impact others and you want to understand your boundaries so that you can be a better co-worker, manager or boss. 
  • You want scripts, frameworks, tips and tools to help you have the language and confidence to be more assertive, make decisions, and to identify and solve issues. 
  • You want to figure out if this is the job/career for you so that you can align your work with who you really are and experience more fulfilment from this area of your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • A simple yet powerful framework that helps you find your no and your bandwidth, acknowledge and respond to early warning signs, and to know the red flags of unfair, unreasonable and illegal behaviour and issues. 
  • A four-step assertiveness process that breaks you out of the codependent cycle and calms anxiety and guilt. 
  • Scripts and strategies for communicating your bandwidth and boundaries that leave you feeling empowered instead of ashamed and afraid. 


  • How to overcome repeat frustrations and challenges by turning them into invaluable personal rules, processes and communications. 
  • How to use The Be Factual Approach and Broken Record to deal with passive-aggressive and aggressive people. 
  • Negotiating skills and how to advocate for yourself when it feels foreign and scary, especially with people who have power over you.
  • How to use boundaries to heal old hurts, such as redundancy, failure, bullying and educational experiences so that you stop playing it small or giving you a hard time.

Nineteen years of expertise packed into this course

If we’re feeling stuck, not saying no, or don’t know who we are, it’s always because of our emotional baggage. Setting ourselves free of patterns and habits that no longer serve us is about using no (and yes) as a way to heal, grow and learn. Often, though, we don’t know where to begin or feel as if it’s too late, too hard or too problematic.

Since 2005, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people through my books, podcast, website and courses to break free of emotional unavailability, shady relationships, and habits like people pleasing and perfectionism–and now it’s time to shake up the world of work. 

I’ve become increasingly aware of the toxic culture of work and how so very few of us know what work boundaries are in the first place. In this course, I’m taking my best teachings and showing you how you can use them to radically transform your work life. 

if we don't say yes authentically, we say it resentfully, fearfully, or without respect for ourselves and our bandwidth, and that leads to far more problems than if we'd said no in the first place.


I have X job/am part-time/self-employed. Is this course for me?

Yes. If you work and you don’t know what boundaries are and/or you routinely experience anxiety, overwhelm and resentment or repeat frustrations and concerns, you need boundaries. While all jobs vary, the universal principles apply. No matter what job or industry or business, no matter what might be the radical differences in salary or situation, the same fears, complaints and issues show up across the board.

Is the course ‘live’?

No. The classes are pre-recorded, and although the course unfolds over four weeks, you can work through it at your own pace to fit your schedule.

What format are the course materials in?

Video classes (with audio versions) plus accompanying PDF resources.

How long do I have access to the course for?

One year. You also get access to any updates during that period.

Where do I access the course?

After purchase, you will be sent access info. All of my courses are hosted on a dedicated course site.

Do I get access to you or 1-to-1 advice?

For standard course purchases, I run a private Facebook group for students of my courses. Aside from support from your peers, I’m also active in the group. As it’s a self-study course and I want to keep it accessible in terms of pricing, I don’t provide private coaching/consultations. If you get/got the course as part of The Joy of Saying No pre-order bonus offer, Facebook group access isn’t included.

I don’t want to become a selfish/difficult/whatever person. Am I going to be expected to say no all the time?

In short, no. Boundaries are as much about saying yes as they are about no. However, reclaiming your work boundaries means being more mindful with yes and saying no more than you used to so that when you invariably do something that’s maybe not your responsibility, favourite thing or priority, or you help someone out or have a lot going on, work doesn’t break you. You have some wiggle room and perspective.

What’s the time commitment?

It’s about two hours a week to watch/listen to the class and go through the resources. As it’s self-study, work at a pace that suits you.

Reclaim Your Work Boundaries includes classes and resources–everything you need to transform you from being compromised and overwhelmed by your lack of boundaries at work into someone who uses boundaries to experience more freedom, fulfilment and well-being.

To recap, you’ll get:

  • Everything you need to know to confidently get up and running with boundaries at work.
  • Step-by-step frameworks and methods, along with scripts, that hand-hold you through deciphering your boundaries and bandwidth, as well as troubleshooting and responding to situations.
  • Plenty of tips, tools and mindset shifts to help you radically shift your relationship with work.
  • Support and accountability via the private Facebook group (available for standard purchases of the course–see the FAQ)


 £195 APPROX US$282/EUR226

payment plan available

"Natalie spoke to our Women of Amazon group about how people pleasing can sabotage our work life and how implementing boundaries can make us more productive and have more energy. Natalie is engaging, authentic and impactful! After the talk, women were eagerly asking how they could have her speak to their teams and messaging her on Instagram! I came away from the talk with skills I could immediately implement that helped me feel more energized in my current role and excited about my work!"

Venessa Johnson, Account Executive, Amazon, US

"Your Embrace Healthy Boundaries course changed my life!"

Instagram review

"I discovered Baggage Reclaim four years ago after yet another failing relationship. Natalie helped me organize my life around what I actually valued, and helped me understand relationships, with not only others, but myself, through a new lens of love, care, trust and respect. This was not only an intellectual exercise but a journey of embodied emotional knowledge. Trust begets boundaries begets trust. Once I recognized the patterns, I was able to draw some parallels with my role in my family dynamic and the workplace. Nat helped me find the space to identify and clear the noise, and relocate my inner guidance. This set me on the path to making decisions in line with who I truly am, driven by my new and solid sense of self-trust. I can't imagine where I would be without Natalie, and I am so grateful for her wisdom, support and love over the years."

Lisa, longtime client, Canada