The Emotional Baggage Sessions: A simple yet powerful step-by-step guide to releasing the old hurt, anger and stories that hold you back.

  • Uncover the emotional baggage you didn’t realise you were carrying around about certain people, events and situations. Through my audios and emails, I guide you through how to compassionately do this without overcomplicating it or pushing your buttons. 
  • Learn my three simple yet powerful emotional decluttering methods. Save time, effort and money trying to ‘figure you out’ and giving you a hard time.
  • Discover tools and mindset shifts that allow you to take small steps that pay big self-esteem dividends. The sessions includes 5 audio lessons (totalling 42 minutes), plus the transcript.
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“I’ll admit to initially being sceptical about what I could uncover in these sessions or the necessity of this work. It seemed too simple. In a matter of minutes, after years of going around in circles, I finally understood why I kept bumping up against the same issues in my romantic relationships and at work. Not only that but what Natalie shared about emotional baggage helped me to break my habit of taking things too personally. I still have some way to go, but I have tools and a jump-off point for understanding and taking care of myself.”


I respect your privacy and only subscribe you to what you've specifically requested. Unsubscribe at any time.