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Nat LueFor media interviews, appearances etc please get in touch with me directly at natalie AT baggagereclaim DOT

Due to the sheer volume of requests for advice coming through, it is no longer possible for me to respond individually. If you are a student at Baggage Reclaim School, you have the appropriate channel for requesting advice in the term time Office Hours sessions – please use the school email to get in touch.

If you are looking to work with me privately, the only way to do so at this time, is as a student on one of my courses at Baggage Reclaim School where there’s a lot of feedback and I’m quite hands on. If you’re looking to hire me, get in touch at  natalie AT baggagereclaim DOT

Two kids (6 and 8), more than one site to run, posts and books to write, workshops to do or speak at, a business to run, a never-ending stream of laundry and a house that won’t stay tidy for more than a few hours, Facebook et al, crazy attention seeking dog, school runs and general life means that I have become incredibly time squeezed.

I do read all mails that come through however I put my hands up and say that I am unable to cope with the sheer volume of enquiries. Combine this with the expectation of readers to split myself in thousands of ways and all for free, and it’s time to say enough.

The easiest way to get a hold of me for quick queries is via Twitter @NatalieMLue or on the Facebook page.

For queries about why a comment wasn’t published, check out the commenting FAQ. You can also check out the site guidelines.

Before sending a query regarding ebooks, please check out the book FAQ first and for any further information, email shop AT (don’t forget to change AT to @). Please don’t send link requests and other weird marketing stuff to this address as you will get on my nerves. Even easier, just don’t send them!

If you are looking for a review copy of one of my ebooks/books, please make sure you provide the publication/site you are writing for.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please send me an email to: natalie AT baggagereclaim dot co dot uk (replacing the AT with @ and the dot with .). Please use one of the following subject lines:

  • Support for eBooks
  • Technical Issues with the site
  • Press query (that’s you featuring me)
  • Event / Conference / Workshop
  • Marketing / Advertising – no SEO / link swaps please
  • General: No advice requests

Thank you

Nat x


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