Discover and become more of who you really are so that you enjoy more fulfilling relationships, career experiences and life in general. Whether you want to change the course of your relationships by breaking your pattern, or you want to learn how to create healthier boundaries, overcome people-pleasing habits, or build up your self-esteem, I’ve got something for you. I tackle subjects in new ways, helping you to understand, put into practice and thrive in widely misunderstood areas including needs, values, boundaries and healthy relationships. 


The Emotional Baggage Sessions by Natalie Lue


When the old feelings, judgements and stories we’re carrying impact our ability to know, like and trust ourselves or to forge intimate relationships or enjoy aspects of our life, it’s time for a clear-out. Learn how to start setting you free from the past in less than 45 minutes over five sessions so that you can take care of your needs and desires and live the life you were meant to. 

The Perfectionism Sessions by Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim


If you routinely feel as if you’re not ‘good enough’ and blame it for why things don’t go as you want, or you push you really hard, sometimes to the point of burnout, or often feel paralysed, overwhelmed and anxious, perfectionism is sucking the joy (and possibly your self-esteem) out of life. Over ten sessions, I guide you through recognising and gradually breaking perfectionism’s grip. 



We know that we need to listen to and trust ourselves, but the hell the hell do you learn how when you either never have, you routinely feel anxious and scared, or you ‘got it wrong’ before? Over ten sessions, I guide you on how to distinguish fear, anxiety and ego from your intuition so that you can trust yourself and be more confident in making decisions and recognising potential issues and opportunities. 

The Anxiety Sessions by Natalie Lue Baggage Reclaim


So many of us don’t realise that habits of people-pleasing, perfectionism, overgiving, over-responsibility and overthinking are actually our learned responses to managing our feelings of anxiety. And the more we do them, the worse we feel over time. Over six sessions, I share healing insights into anxiety and offer tips and tools for breaking the cycle of how you respond to anxiety.

Embrace Healthy Boundaries online course by Natalie Lue


Discover where you end and others begin so that you can make all of your relationships and experiences healthier and happier. Relationships, work, family, doesn’t have to be so stressful and painful. I teach you how to reclaim your power by learning how to create boundaries that reflect who you are, how you want to feel, and the types of relationships you want to enjoy in as little as thirty days.

new edition coming soon

Tune Into Your Inner Voice online course by Natalie Lue


Take control of the negative chatter and grow your confidence. It’s so frustrating and even debilitating when it feels as if critical and even cruel inner ‘noise’ in your head is sabotaging your present and your prospects for the future–you can change this internal conversation and stop feeling overwhelmed. I teach you how to make radical changes to how you respond to this chatter in as little as thirty days.

new edition coming soon



Sharing the mindset shifts and practicalities, How To Break Up is a short but powerful course that teaches you all about how to end relationships without losing your self-esteem (or oodles of time) in the process.

Create Your No Contact Plan


Want to go No Contact, but have tried before and struggled whether it’s with this person or another ex, or you want to understand what NC will involve so that you can finally move on and stop hurting? Let me help you make a plan for success.

Break Up Support


This popular bundle includes Create Your No Contact Plan and How to Break Up.

These courses will arm you with tools and strategies to break up and go no contact.

The Tricky Family Member Sessions


In volume one of these sessions, I explain what a Tricky Family Member is and the impact of trying to hold ourselves and others to our image of family. I break it down and show you how to begin changing your relationships by breaking the cycle of obligation.

reclaim your work boundaries


Learn how to redefine your relationship with work by understanding your limits, bandwidth and actual responsibilities so that you transform your habits and dramatically reduce anxiety, overwhelm, frustration and resentment.


Break The Cycle

If relationships have become a source of pain and loss of confidence, it’s critical to identify the baggage that’s blocking your path to more mutually fulfilling relationships and greater sense of self. I’ll take you through a seven-step process for identifying and clearing emotional baggage. Let’s get you ready and available for the relationship and life you need, desire and deserve. 

Build Your Self-Esteem

Learn how to build and nurture your sense of self so that you stop settling for less than what you need, desire and deserve – from you and from others. Transform the way you engage in interpersonal relationships and raise your confidence in dealing with conflict, criticism, stress, rejection and disappointment.


Reclaimer Membership

A monthly subscription to a wealth of resources for breaking patterns and developing self-care habits. I’ve created a monthly subscription for people who want to get consistent with self-care, break frustrating patterns, and enjoy more fulfilling experiences and relationships. Packed with video and audio classes, along with workbooks, worksheets, ebooks and short courses, the membership also includes Q&A sessions (Office Hours) and other extras.


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