Free you up from your emotional baggage with one of my courses. Whether you want to change the course of your relationships by breaking your pattern, or you want to learn how to create healthier boundaries, overcome people-pleasing habits, or build up your self-esteem, I’ve got something for you. I tackle subjects in new ways, helping you to understand, put into practice and thrive in widely misunderstood areas including needs, values, boundaries and healthy relationships. Enjoy Q&As each month, access to the private Facebook community (exclusive to members and students), as well as discounts on other courses, workshops and products, first dibs on anything new, bonus content and more.

Break The Cycle

If relationships have become a source of pain and loss of confidence, it’s critical to identify the baggage that’s blocking your path to more mutually fulfilling relationships and greater sense of self. I’ll take you through a seven-step process for identifying and clearing emotional baggage. Let’s get you ready and available for the relationship and life you need, desire and deserve. 

Build Your Self-Esteem

Learn how to build and nurture your sense of self so that you stop settling for less than what you need, desire and deserve – from you and from others. Transform the way you engage in interpersonal relationships and raise your confidence in dealing with conflict, criticism, stress, rejection and disappointment.


Reclaimer Membership

A monthly subscription to a wealth of resources for breaking patterns and developing self-care habits. I’ve created a monthly subscription for people who want to get consistent with self-care, break frustrating patterns, and enjoy more fulfilling experiences and relationships. Packed with video and audio classes, along with workbooks, worksheets, ebooks and short courses, the membership also includes Q&A sessions (Office Hours) and other extras.

Embrace Healthy Boundaries

Discover where you end and others begin so that you can make all of your relationships and experiences healthier and happier. Relationships, work, family, doesn’t have to be so stressful and painful. I teach you how to reclaim your power and stand up for yourself in as little as thirty days.



Tune In To Your Inner Voice

Take control of the negative chatter and grow your confidence. It’s so frustrating and even debilitating when it feels as if critical and even cruel inner ‘noise’ in your head is sabotaging your present and your prospects for the future–you can change this internal conversation and stop feeling overwhelmed, and I teach you how to make radical changes in as little as thirty days.


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