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The No Contact Rule

(print & digital versions)

When you’re in a relationship that keeps resurrecting itself, either because you keep going back, they keep creeping their way back in and refuse to respect your wishes, or you’re both caught up in a destructive cycle, The No Contact Rule exists to set you free from relationships that need to end and people who have no intentions of either putting themselves into the relationship, or leaving you alone so that you can move on. A survival guide that explains why this method is necessary, how to do it, and dealing with the myriad of emotions including guilt and rejection. Find out more.

MrUnavailable and the Fallback Girl book cover

Mr Unavailable & The Fallback Girl
(print & digital versions)

If you’ve found yourself being involved with a guy (or guys) that seems to default or ‘fallback’ on you on a habitual basis whilst failing to meet your own needs, you’re one of many women who found themselves in an uncomfortable dynamic with an emotionally unavailable man – Mr Unavailable. From blowing hot and cold, to managing your expectations, to being caught in a cycle of drama, or wondering how it went from him chasing you and promising you the earth, to you chasing him and finding that you’re getting diminishing returns, this a no holds barred guide to not only understanding unavailable relationships, but why you would be in one in the first place and how to start moving on to healthier partnerings. Find out more.

The Dreamer & the Fantasy Relationship ebook

The Dreamer & the Fantasy Relationship
(print & digital versions)

If you’ve found yourself struggling to get over a relationship that didn’t exist or it did, but was very different to what you’d cooked up in your imagination, you have been involved in a fantasy relationship. The nature of these have changed with the advent of modern technology such as texts, email, IM, Facebook and the increasing popularity of casual relationships where it’s all too easy to make a loaf out of crumbs. Some people end up spending months or years with someone who they hardly see or hear from. Change your perspective on fantasy relationships, discover why one would be attractive to you in the first place, and discover tools to help you change your pattern of thinking and behaviour so that you can be available for a relationship in the real world. Find out more.

Curbing Your Obsession Quick Guide

(Digital only)

Want to understand why you’re stuck in a cycle of blame, shame, and rumination? I’ve put together this Quick Guide which gets to the heart of the issue of obsession, to help you make sense of what’s going on and put you on the path to reclaiming you and your peace of mind. Find out more.

How To Self-Soothe QUick Guide by Natalie Lue

Tired of feeling out of control of your feelings and excessively reliant on others to feel good about you or to relieve discomfort. This Quick Guide is a crash course in healthy self-soothing and distinguishing between that and unhealthy self-soothing that keeps you stucj in a dysfunctional pattern. Find out more.

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2 Responses to My Books

  1. Justine says:

    I was interested in purchasing “The dreamer and the fantasy relationship” e book.

    Does this come in a bundle with the “Mr unavailable and the fall back girl”?
    And if so, are they both available at this point in time? And what are the prices?

  2. Anna says:

    The Dreamer and The Fantasy Relationship has done for me in the space of a few days what MONTHS and hundreds of pounds of therapy, along with my own counselling training courses, and psychology degree have barely managed to do: understood me perfectly and made me see there are many women out there just like me. That is quite validating in itself (and I am trying to work on self-validation). But also for showing me what I need to do to get the happiness I want both from myself and from a relationship.

    Page after page it was like Natalie had been in my head all of my life. It really has helped me immensely. I don’t feel judged, pathetic or a loser after reading this. No, of course everything isn’t solved, but I now have feel better and have the tools to take action. I’m 35, it’s time to move on and be happy before I wake up and wonder where the hell my life went to.

    I’m not going to sit here despairing over my most recent ‘fantasy relationship’ with an archetypal Mr Unavailable, and feeling I wasn’t good enough and feeding into the inferiority my interactions with him left me with.

    Thank you for always reminding the reader you aren’t judging us and you have been there – and left there for a better destination.

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