Embrace Healthy Boundaries

If you want to feel less stressed, anxious and resentful about the increasing demands on your time and energy knowing how and why you need to create healthy boundaries even with loved ones is crucial to your well-being and close relationships. But, how do you create a boundary without alienating or being abandoned by people, and how do you know what’s fair and reasonable?

This is why I created Embrace Healthy Boundaries, a short course that teaches you how to create and assert your boundaries from a place of love, care, trust and respect in as little as thirty days. It’s got everything you wished you’d been taught earlier in life! No, you won’t be able to control other people’s feelings and behaviour, but I will take you from being terrified or wishy-washy about boundaries to gradually becoming confident about respecting your time, energy, effort and emotions as well as those of others.

Packed with scripts, tips, strategies and journaling prompts, learn my simple yet powerful concept for putting healthy boundaries into practice straight away, plus learn how to be boundaried even in situations where the other party doesn’t want to be. And all without saying “My boundaries are….”!

£97 (approx US$121, EUR 113) Start within 48 hours 

This course is also included in Reclaimer Membership.


  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like a doormat but don’t know where to begin with improving your situation?
  • Do you pride yourself on being kind, giving, loyal, good etc., and yet you’re secretly grappling with reoccurring feelings of blame, shame, resentment, anxiety, frustration, helplessness and more?
  • Do you have boundaries in some areas but really struggle in intimate relationships due to fear of conflict, criticism, rejection, disappointment and abandonment?
  • Feel as if you’re good at the self-care until you start dating, and then your boundaries and everything you learned from previous experiences goes out the window?

If you answered ‘yes’ to just one of these questions, it’s time for you to embrace healthy boundaries so that you can live and love with confidence.


  • A powerful concept for understanding and living your boundaries that will transform not just the way you interact with others but will also clear out resentment, frustration, anger, etc., so that you can take down walls and finally move on from painful experiences that have impacted your attitude to boundaries up to this point.
  • How you can be boundaried even with somebody who seems allergic to boundaries, as well as how to redefine relationships that have typically stressed your self-esteem.
  • The signs of unfair and unreasonable behaviour and situations, plus how to get clear about what does and doesn’t work for you, and the ‘tells’ that let boundary busters know that you’re a viable option.
  • How to recognise and act upon the helpful messages from your body.
  • How to have your own back with a supportive mindset so that you can own your boundaries instead of selling you short.
  • How to communicate your boundaries with love, care, trust and respect (and without ever having to utter the words “My boundaries…”), even when somebody is wearing down your last nerve or you’re quaking on the inside due to fear of Dynasty-levels of drama.



I truly do believe that not only do we all need to have healthy boundaries but that for those of us who actually choose to have them, we are positively shaping our present and future. In doing so, we not only come from a place of love, care, trust and respect, but also by putting us in alignment with people and situations that reflect this.

Unfortunately, boundaries get a bad rap and have all sorts of negative connotations attached to them because we have been socialised to believe that ‘no’ is a dirty word and that we must always be pleasing (read: compliant).

What we don’t realise is that if we don’t get behind and in fact embrace having boundaries, we are curtailing our options and as a result, increasing our unhappiness.



When you see how a lack of boundaries is impacting you but you are at the same time empowered to gently but assertively start introducing them into your life, you will wonder why you spent so long holding back from them.

Once you understand what’s been behind your own boundary habits including recognising the impact of past experiences and how these have influenced your motivations, you can stop being chained to old emotions and memories by the binds created by not being boundaried.

Discover the benefits of boundaries and the practicalities of living them, because once you embrace healthy boundaries, you will be able to show up in your relationships, you will feel better about you, and you will be open to more loving experiences.

Boundaries will help you create the space for the real you and the life you need, desire and deserve. 

When there are aspects of your self-esteem or interpersonal relationships that have knocked your confidence and sense of self, when faced with the possibility of taking steps to support you, you might think, ‘I don’t have time’ or, ‘It will take too long’or, ‘It will be too hard’ – small steps every day build into change.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, but I think that spending a few months consistently building up a habit will help you to make loving boundaries part of your lifestyle. Your focus will help you to set your intentions for the months ahead so that you’re putting you in alignment with how you want to feel and the experiences that you want to have. 

Whether you want to do it all in 30 days or spread your learning over a longer period (you have twelve months access), these 30 lessons are designed to shake up everything you know about boundaries but more importantly, to increase self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you break unhealthy and unproductive patterns, and ultimately feel better about you.

£97 (approx US$121, EUR 113) Start within 48 hours 

This course is also included in Reclaimer Membership.


How long does it take to gain access to the course? Typically within an hour of booking. If you haven’t received your access details within 24 hours of signing up, email shopATbaggagereclaim.co.uk, and we’ll quickly get it sorted. 

Where is the course hosted? On a private membership site 

How long do I have access to the course? One year.  

Is there a forum or Facebook group or other means of communicating with other students/members? I host a private and secret Facebook group which you can request access to after you’ve been set up. 

Are you in the Facebook group or available to answer questions? Yes to both. I host Office Hours sessions each month and check in regularly on the Facebook group to answer questions.  

Is it better to sign up for the course or to go for Reclaimer Membership? It depends on your needs. Some people prefer to only do one course, whereas if you are planning to do more of my courses or would like access to masterclasses and resources on a variety of subjects related to self-care and healthier relationships, then Reclaimer Membership is the way to go.  

How many lessons are there? Thirty, and they’re initially released one day at a time. They’re a mix of short videos and short classes with a journaling prompt or task (where applicable). In late April 2019, the course is getting a refresh including audio versions of all classes and some extra material. 

Do I get a student discount on other Baggage Reclaim courses and products? Yes. There is a code on your dashboard.